Oculus Quest VR Cover Review and Tutorial


In this video, I go over the replacement Oculus Quest facial interface by VR Cover.
You can get them here: https://vrcover.com/oculus-quest-accessories/?itm=278

There are two options for the Quest, the full facial interface replacement with two faux leather pads (standard and comfort) and a simple cotton cover that goes over the stock face pad (includes 2).

I shot this video a couple of days ago and have since found I really like using the cotton cover on top of the comfort leather, particularly while playing active games like Beat Saber. I can take off the sweat-drenched cotton cover, wipe down the leather, and put the 2nd cotton cover on and the headset is ready for someone else to use, all fresh and clean.

This is one of a few MUST have accessories for your Oculus Quest, a HUGE upgrade from the stock face foam.

Please note this is an affiliate link. Doesn’t cost you anything extra, and helps support the channel.

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41 thoughts on “Oculus Quest VR Cover Review and Tutorial”

  1. THANK YOU!! I was incorrectly trying to use the cloth cover with the padded faux leather ones and not having much joy !!

    So if just using the faux leather ones how do you deal with sweating?

    When on beat saber for an hour I sweat like a pig and the faux leather ones let's the sweat into the view housing 😲😪

  2. Great product and review, too bad the site messaged me saying mine will come at the end of August because their updating it.
    Which sucks for people who already received it, and sucks for people like me cause I ordered mine June 7, and will arrive end of August…. 😒

  3. I wear glasses and find that the Quest headset pushes my glasses back against my nose (painful!). Does the VR headset help in this respect? Also does it increase the distance between your face and the lenses thereby reducing the possibility of lens scratches from glasses

  4. I got the VR cover replacement facial interface for my original Rift and hated it. The rigid frame is very narrow and pinched the side of my face. The padding didn't have much give either. I'm glad I saw this review just for the fact that it shows its rigid again. The quest original facial interface is nice because it is so flexible. It allows for more variety of face shapes. I tried the cloth cover from my original Rift on the Quest and it is an improvement.


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