All Nintendo Labo VR Kits Tested & Reviewed


I build and test all the new Nintendo Labo VR kits and associated game experiences! Nintendo Labo VR is Nintendo’s first return to Virtual Reality since the Virtual Boy. Nintendo Labo VR is a series of Labo cardboard kits for use with VR goggles. I build and review each kit showing you what games can be played and what I think of Nintendo Labo VR overall…

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01:54 – Nintendo Labo VR Overview
04:18 – Nintendo Labo VR Goggles (Basic Kit)
05:24 – Nintendo Labo VR Blaster (Basic Kit)
07:03 – Nintendo Labo VR Camera (Expansion Kit 1)
08:17 – Nintendo Labo VR Elephant (Expansion Kit 1)
09:51 – Nintendo Labo VR Bird (Expansion Kit 2)
11:12 – Nintendo Labo VR Windpedal (Expansion Kit 2)
11:54 – Nintendo Labo VR Conclusion

Let me know in the comments what you think of Nintendo Labo VR?

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46 thoughts on “All Nintendo Labo VR Kits Tested & Reviewed”

  1. I got the starter kit a few days ago. I like it, but the blaster is already creasing at the handle where you hold it. I’m trying to go extra easy on it too. 🙁 hoping for a way to reinforce it or somebody 3d prints a new gun. The alien game is sooooo fun!

  2. I might buy this, as me and my younger brother enjoy building things together, (although it is mainly me building) and I've wanted this for a while now. I believe it is just less than a hundred dollars Canadian for the full set.

  3. I have 3 kids, 12 yrs, 8 yrs, and 8 months. We already own a nintendo switch and i am getting the full VR kit for christmas. I don't know what i am more excited about, exposing hem to VR, or trying it myself. XD

  4. nintendo needs to get over their whole "outdated hardware" fetish. these are video games, outdated hardware need not apply. if I wanted outdated hardware, I'd buy an Atari 2600. I haven't checked lately, how are those selling?

  5. I can't help but feel an OCULUS GO for $200 is still much better value than labo for $80 (or a used OCULUS rift/windows mr headset secondhand off ebay if you have a half decent pc).

    Would like to hear your thoughts on how nintendo labo VR compares to OCULUS GO VR


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