Nintendo Labo VR Kit for Switch is Worth Every Penny


Nintendo created a VR peripheral in their own little Nintendo way through it’s Labo line, and it’s surprisingly versatile. The VR Starter kit is definitely worth your money. The full kit… that’s gonna be a hard maybe…

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46 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo VR Kit for Switch is Worth Every Penny”

  1. I feel like Nintendo could make a fully functional VR headset since the joy cons have motion control and everything. They would just need a headset with actual straps

  2. Word of warning: if you get the starter kit and plan to buy the expansions, they’re nearly impossible to find and you’ll probably have to buy the entire kit again, and if you’re lucky, it’ll go for about $80-$200

  3. I think I know where they get the idea for the netendo switch is like the wii console and the d's gave birth to the switch system so you can doc on to the TV and play on the go with your friends. Can anyone agree it's so cool.


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