Tales Of Glory in 2020 | VR Let's Play


Tales Of Glory dropped a MAJOR update for 2020 – the coveted campaign mode – and we’re here to test it out! Join us as we slay medieval warriors and try to ride horses in this blood-soaked VR review of Tales of Glory in 2020. It might just be the best VR sword fighting game out there…

Tales of Glory is available on Steam here:

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9 thoughts on “Tales Of Glory in 2020 | VR Let's Play”

  1. Real talk at the comment below: all of my what. This isn't supposed to be a review, neither is most of the content on this channel. Anyway, laughed my ass off at this video guys and ended up buying the game. Hope this grows cuz you're all hilarious SOBs. Much love from Kingston.

  2. All the constant cutaways aren't doing this game justice. I understand if you want to add entertaining commentary, but this is the kind of video that would completely have turned me off from even trying this game out had I already not played it. Close to five minutes into the video, and I'm not seeing footage that resembles anything of a review. I mostly saw bugs like horses clipping through a tree or zoomed in shots with plenty of aliasing which makes the game look horrible. I didn't even hear a single comment on what kind of mechanics you can expect from a game like this. I'm glad the dev posted here and is happy with the video as all PR is good PR especially for smaller games like this, but this is the kind of video that really makes VR look bad to those outside of the ecosystem. If you want to make an entertaining play through video, that's totally fine, but if you make and title the video as a review try to at least take it a little bit serious. There's people outside of this medium who actually do.


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