Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series | PSVR Review


Formerly an Oculus exclusive, all three Vader Immortal episodes arrive on PlayStation VR – but didn’t survive the trip completely unscathed.

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20 thoughts on “Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series | PSVR Review”

  1. Man, it's too bad about the teleportation and click turning. My psvr broke a few months ago and I decided to replace it with the Oculus Rift. This was the first thing I played on the new platform, and I loved it.

  2. I really hope they at least add flewid movement, even if it just walking it relly helps with emergen. I dont own the game at this moment so if they did/have added this please let me know

  3. Tbh it's not fair the the quest gets all the different options. Like for example.

    Best saber: you can get different t blades, custom songs, and use mods.

    But for the psvr, you only get what they give you. (Same saber, same songs (some of them are horrible IMO, and same game style.) Like honestly couldn't they have just made both psvr and quest have the same stuff?

  4. I also encounterd a bug where in the first episode, where I just activated the ladder in the elevator (the alarms went off) and when the robot got on she never started to. Climb. Then u realized that the game was stuck and I had to do it again.

  5. Im about half way through. I really like it but it’s one of the buggiest games I’ve played on psvr. Either the budget was low, dev team inexperienced or they rushed it out.

    Such a shame 🙁

    But it’s still very enjoyable!

  6. They should definitely add in smooth motion when moving, it felt like I was missing a crucial option and I had to tap about the settings abit to realise this cannot be changed and a few googles. Other than that the Dojo reminds me of the good era in gaming where they added unique interesting content with alot of replay ability.

  7. Great review, PSVR W/O Parole! I hope ILMxLAB is given the opportunity to broaden what they began in the combat area into a fully-fledged VR game. The combat abilities you described are exactly what I want from a Star Wars game. YES!

  8. I probably would’ve paid full price for the dojo lol the story was a bit bland for me but the beautiful simplicity of the dojo is exactly what I wanted. Just wish there were actual lightsaber duels in it, maybe they’ll add it later

  9. I just finished this and there were some WOW MOMENTS 😳

    The very beginning moment where you hyper Jump lookin out in space and then The empire ship pulls you out in middle of Hyper Jump and it’s hover above your ship, you see this beautiful red planet below..
    It just blew my mind WOW.

    But in the end it left me with a feeling, what could this game could have been 😞

    And it felt a little short and just left me thinking how this could have been, oh man…

    I do see why Dojo part was praised and it’s fun wised Devs would have put little more into game itself.

    What a potential Star War has and could’ve been much much more☝️


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