Feel VR Pedals One Review


Entry level all steel pedal set. This is a long one so use the links below to navigate.
Intro: 0:00
Closer Look: 0:49
Pedal Adjustments: 15:20
Look Inside Brake Pedal Damper: 43:12
Look Inside Electronics: 48:20
Pedals Mounted: 54:05
Flex and Squeaks: 55:58
Calibration App: 1:04:52
Driving: 1:07:48
Final Thoughts: 1:10:51

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31 thoughts on “Feel VR Pedals One Review”

  1. In their update they said that the flex doesn't affect 'driveablitly' and you are the only person who has the squeak. Also they made the classic excuse 'but they are cheap'

  2. @Sim Racing Garage Do you still have those pedals?

    I noticed some corrosion on the back of my pedals. I only received them four months ago. I messaged FeelVR (with pictures) but they didn´t respond. Do your pedals also show corrosion on the stainless steel?

  3. Just to share my experience: FeelVR has not replied to any message I´ve send them ever since March. They don´t read PMs on facebook. They finally published software and a firmware update that you can´t update to, because it´s showing an error message. They have put their pedals on sale on their website, even though the people who paid for their pedals years ago didn´t get theirs. Also, the comments on kickstarter suggest, that they are producing less than 2 sets per week.

  4. So these are a 2018 or thereabouts Kickstarter / indiegogo campaign funded pedal set that were floated as an option to a so far non existent budget DD wheel that after 2+ years hasn’t materialised. As of 2020 Feelvr no longer respond to any requests for progress / shipping updates and look like an intentional scam to reel in folks hoping for a better budget DD / pedal set option. Take a look at the backer comments on KS (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/feelvr/feel-vr-the-affordable-direct-drive-racing-wheel-a/comments) or IG (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/feel-vr-the-affordable-direct-drive-racing-wheel#/comments) before you consider ordering / pledging. Quite shocked that sim racing garage hasn’t made this clear here on this platform despite the unsurprisingly (and appropriate) luke warm review.

  5. I ordered the wheel and pedals 2 yrs ago and I haven't received anything. Also, last communication from Feel VR to me was Jan 17 and last comm to all backers was Jan 1, 2020.

    Not happy, I think I lost my $700+ 🙁

  6. Everyone is getting nervous speculating that they ran out of money. They planned to ship the pedals to backers then sell pedals retail to help fund the wheel. No communication. I don’t expect to see a damn thing. Shame

  7. They can solve the squeak by making rubber spacers .
    The overall quality is approximate.
    Sharp edges, the squeak, the plate flex ( at some point is gonna bend losing all the pedals adjustments),the useless red plates,at this price there are much better pedals…

  8. I think they tried too hard making a Heusinkveld like pedalset at a way too low pricepoint. I bet they would made a huge improvement if they use better and more substantial materials and would solve some design flaws. Including resolve the sharp edges. But that will get it easy up to Fanatec CSP V3 pricepoint or above.

  9. Careful when ordering these; FeelVR claim that the backer #154 is currently the last number to have been shipped. However, several people with lower numbers have already complained that their pedals have not been shipped, yet.


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