LA Noire The VR Case Files Underground Review


LA Noire The VR Case Files PSVR Review. Rockstar brings their talent to Virtual Reality, and they already pass some areas with flying colors. If they continue to pursue the new medium, they will no doubt become a headset seller.

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29 thoughts on “LA Noire The VR Case Files Underground Review”

  1. I found the first couple hours of this boring.. the cases too obvious to solve and a really short shooting segment, but a couple of the later cases made up for it. I had some game breaking bugs that required me to restart the game a few times like key NPCs not being able to be interacted with and items not registering in the notebook until fiddled with.. a fun time could be had but I wouldn't recommend this unless it's on sale to be honest.

  2. Overall I agree with your review, but I found it to be just too slow-paced; in fact, I actually never finished the last case, because I couldnโ€™t bring myself to sit through one more slow story. That said, the facial graphics were amazing, and they did a superb job at replicating the downtown streets.

  3. It definitely started off slow, it grabbed me by the third mission and only got better from there. The slowdown on the steps was ultra annoying and the smooth turning felt really off, like rotating from a camera a foot behind you rather than right on center, when you let off the turn button they would gradually slow down rather than stop.

  4. I think the original game was much better put together – this VR port has a very disjointed feel imo which you cant escape. There are some very sloppy controls – and the fade to black screens break the immersion too

    That said- walking around the crime scenes, colecting clues etc is fantastic + love the setting

  5. aj my friend i loved your review on LA Noire IT IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $22.99 WAS $29.99 IS IT A BUY. also if you go to youtube look at colteastwood watch the review that says watch leaks confirmed x bob seres x and ps5 specs next generation hard ware. at end of video he shows what ps5 will look like i almost believe it is going to look like this. check it out and again love you so much when you say bobby joe on your show i get blowing away. thanks for your friendship you do rock. bobby joe

  6. Thanks GC! I really like what I've played of this so far. The amount of time you can spend trying on different hats, answering phones, doing silly dance moves with the impressive full-body avatar and drawing rude squiggles in your police-issue notebook is almost worth the price of admission alone.


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