Oculus Quest 2 (Link) SIM RACING VR Review 🏎 || Finally good enough ?


Is the Oculus Quest 2 good enough for sim racing using the Oculus Link ? Check this video to find out if you want to play Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally, Iracing, Asseto Corsa, RaceRoom Experience and others in Virtual Reality (VR). #oculus #quest2 #simracing

I will try to make a video on Virtual Desktop and sim racing in the future when my router situation will be better.

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28 thoughts on “Oculus Quest 2 (Link) SIM RACING VR Review 🏎 || Finally good enough ?”

  1. I have a racing simulator that I use for iRacing, and a Quest 2 that I want to use when I race, but I have no idea how to put the two together. Is it as simple as plugging the Quest 2 into my PC? I assume there is a whole setup process that I need to go through to play iRacing on my simulator with the Quest 2 instead of my monitor. Thanks!

  2. Hello, great video.

    Did you or anyone else in here have issues when setting up Quest 2 to PC with link cable where the controls don’t get recognized for some reason?

    I can get in game and see in the car but my controls don’t move the car.

    Without the quest 2 my controls work properly.

  3. Great video! Just bought a Quest 2 about 2 days ago, can't wait till it's delivered! Been using a Rift CV1, so, really looking forward to seeing the huge improvement in the sharpness from a higher resolution! 🧐 I just hope it won't hamper my fairly modest i5 4590, gtx 980sc with 16 ddr3 ram and a SSD HD. 🙏 Rift CV1 uses 90hz, so, that might help since the Quest 2 uses 72hz at present/standard wise. Until 90hz is officially set as standard I mean.

  4. The link update is amazing ! Set curve to low, 300mbps and resolution to 3648. It’s now better than my Rift S. The only negative now is in sim racing, I get the odd black screen blink once an hour!

  5. You're so right, Link works much more stable than VD for simracing. Still using a Quest 1 now which works great but the resolution is obviously not that great. Waiting for the G2 reviews to appear and then I will probably switch to that one.

  6. Today quest 2 link is the same link that is for quest 1. It has capped bandwith to 150 mbps (original cable is cappable for 1,7Gbps) it is optimized for 72 Hz and for sure it isn't using all advantages of XR2 chip (for decoding purposes). So Reviewing this oculus link for quest 2 I would say it is a early access review.

    Could you tell me. How demanging is oculus link for CPU,GPU?. Is it noticable cpu usage or gpu usage graphs compared to ex. CV1 or Rift s when playing?

  7. j'ai moi aussi acheté le quest2 J'ai eu aussi le1 et le rift s.
    Je joue a la maison avec mon ordi et aussi bureau avec un laptop le quest2 avec le Link demande beau moins a ma carte graphique, avec le rift s j'avais des lag mais aucun avec le quest2 il est meilleur dans tout je te conseil elite strap plus confortable super des vidéo sur la vr

  8. I also have the Rift S, works well for me at this time, and waiting for the HP Reverb G2 to be come and be an "In Stock" item in 2021. I dont need the mobility of a Quest since I only play SIM racing and simulator games. With Quest 2 you still have to be tethered to a PC for the good SIM racing games, so that is why I may go with the HP Reveb G2. Thanks for the video review with SIM racing.

  9. I've been happy using the Quest 2 for sim racing. The fov was a major let down but I am happy with the device overall. I am enjoying getting 90fps in vrchat and beat saber. It seems that all steam vr games stream at 90hz if you enable 90hz via sidequest every time you turn the headset on.


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