Dash Dash World Review: Is this Mario Kart for VR?? | HD Gameplay


VR has been waiting for a proper kart Racer to be made…it took awhile but, Dash Dash world looks to be doing just that, with a cartoon inspired racer that looks an awful lot like the awesome kart racing titles we all grew up with the likes of Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing and my personal favorite Crash Team Racing. The trailers have been jaw dropping, but does the game actually deliver? Stay with me while I tear it down and find out.

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20 thoughts on “Dash Dash World Review: Is this Mario Kart for VR?? | HD Gameplay”

  1. How does this compare to the previous two in your opinion? I felt like you were way too forgiving to Touring Karts. I loved its controller customizability, but I always felt like the actually momentum of the cars felt wrong. It felt too "on rails" with no weight or sliding. Even the skidding felt very off/on digital. This one looks to be the best as far as speed, physics, and track design, and I'm mostly just waiting for support for more wheels (I got a fanatec wheel, and would love to use it).

  2. Amazing game ! But need more tracks … or yes maybe a builder section : for maps/mods… im sure people would just take lot of time making cool crazy maps… but anyway the base is solid tho : customizable kart and great game mecanis …

  3. Great review. I was surprised to see that the handling and track design looked fun (if generic) however the fact the fame has only 7 tracks is a real worry.

    I'm on PSVR so hoping there will be more tracks available once it releases next year, though I'm also struggling to see how it will control on PSVR. If the virtual steering wheel is fiddly on pc vr it's going to be worse with moves, and without analogue sticks I wonder how they'd handle with button inputs. Never thought I'd say thus for a kart racer but I'm hoping for aim support!

  4. You are my go-to reviewer for psvr. I’m muddled with this review though (I know it isnt released for psvr yet). You have mentioned the lack of tracks and annoyingly bugged sound. Also the stupid lack of feedback regarding if you hit another racer, Assuming that all gets fixed, what I’m still unsure of is the actual playability. It looks way ahead of Touring Karts, which I found infuriatingly designed, particularly how it handled crashing, respawning and the verticality felt janky. Am I right with Dash Dash that the actual game mechanics are very polished, or is it another low quality indie game trying to pose as an AA title? This is the only review of yours where I’m left confused. Anyway, all the best and appreciate your channel muchly.

  5. Thanks for another "honest" review, Chris! BTW, the Oculus Quest store lists this as $24.99 so your comment about "not willing to pay more than 25 dollars" for it was right on the money…LOL. I love the Mario kart style racing games and will probably pick this up at some point (for my Rift probably instead of my Quest to get the better graphic quality), and also since it's a "sit-down" game that doesn't really need "wireless" to play since there's no crazy physical movement or physically spinning around when playing that there's no sense in me getting it for the quest. The limited amount of tracks is disappointing though so I'll probably just wait for a sale (and also updates from the devs that hopefully add more tracks) before picking it up. But I'll definitely pick it up at some point though as it does look really fun.


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