Swordsman VR | PSVR Review


Sometimes having fun makes a game’s flaws easier to overlook, which is definitely the case with Sinn Studio’s newest PlayStation VR game Swordsman VR. 😀

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35 thoughts on “Swordsman VR | PSVR Review”

  1. The game is nice but…. there is no fucking option to change the hands !!! My left hand is normaly the hand where I have the blade but the left hand in the game is for mooving the character. I cant attack and moove at the same time with one hand🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. The combat is satisfiying and the physics are realistic??? Just bought this game and very dissapointed watching ur review because nothing feels realistic in this game and the combat is full of bugs…

  3. Finally a VR game with some experience points and leveling up! That’s a game worth playing! I love RPG power fantasies that have you feeling OP so this is a guaranteed buy for me. Motion controls are on the way but they aren’t here yet. I’ll play it o the PS4 DualShock controller until then.

  4. I was already considering this purchase before seeing the review, but I always check your channel before buying. So far, the only letdown has been Immortal Legacy: Jade Cipher. Seeing the mostly positive outlook on this game has made the decision easier for me.

  5. I wanted to buy this game but now that I know they are responsible for those garbage games I honestly don’t want to give them any money, I hope they all get fired and get a job they’re actually good at like at Burger King or something

  6. Iv been attempting to play this with no success. Iv tried putting the camrea in every possible position for more accurate movements but its always the same. Dont know if its just me but had to share. Psvr is insanely frustrating

  7. Anyone got the platinum? I finished the story and apparently that was not enough to get the trophy. Even though all it says is "complete the story" lol. So I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

  8. It really caught my attention as it looked kinda similar to BnS, which I would really like to play someday. This review really showed the basics and the comments saying how it's just 20 bucks were good news, so I think I'll give it a try

  9. How in the world did I miss the no stabbing modifier? The entire time I was playing the game I was resisting the urge to just instantly take out every enemy…

    Great review as always Bryan, this week has been busy 😅

  10. Im liking the gane so far. Well, I'm grinding gold & xp in arena right now. But its bullshit that the first patch nerfed them. Granted, not by that much, but I had to put more xp into Intelligence to get back to 4xp per win, and I still got to put more xp in Greed to get back to 100 gold per win.

    Seems like the story mode will fake challenge, so Im glad Im grinding early. And nerfing those Skills isbr gonna stop me.

    Where are the decapitations? You can stab dudes in the face, but not chop their heads off?

    Damn, leather armor is tough. Medieval & fantasy movies, games & tv shows always had leather be the weakest. Would a modern leather jacket have the same effect?

    And there needs to be a control settings patch. Its awkward that moving is all on one controller. Why cant I change that to walking forwrd with the right move button, and walking back on the left? Heck, you cant strafe by moving the controller like in other PSVR games.


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