ZOMBIE SURVIVAL HORROR IN VR | Killing Floor Incursion PSVR Review (PlayStaiton VR on PS4 Pro)


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Looking for zombie survival horror in vr? How about a Killing Floor Incursion PSVR review? How about playing it on PlayStaiton VR on my PS4 Pro? Well, I got you covered! Big thanks to Tripwire for providing the key, I hope you enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL HORROR IN VR | Killing Floor Incursion PSVR Review (PlayStaiton VR on PS4 Pro)”

  1. Yeah this game is pretty awesome if you like the genre. Like Arizona Sunshine but better. Not bad exercise either if you use a lot of melee weapons!

    My only real gripe would be the hit-or-miss inventory system. Frank already touched on the problems with it, but I will say that when it works, reaching over your shoulder and blasting a foe with a shotgun before putting it back and quick-drawing a handgun from your holster while drawing a blade and slicing up opponents coming from the other direction using all the same motions you would irl feels amazing! I hope in the future more VR games harness this tactile feel, but in a way that is more reliable.

  2. Please assist me!

    Does anyone else have this same issue?
    Friend invites do not work.

    Joining an invite, if it even sends (60% of the time it doesn't send), does nothing. No change in menu, no loading, nothing. We have tried alternating invites/hosting, inviting while in menu/ready-up black-room/in loaded map; nothing works.

    Restarted PS4s, signed out/in on PSN/PS4, restarted game; no change.

    Friend and I both bought this game to coop story since we love Killing Floor 2, but this is ridiculous… this same invite issue happened with Oculus SteamVR last year 2017 (google it, lots of players were upset), now it's in the PSVR version in 2018.

    I've checked Killing Floor/Tripwire twitter, no mention of this. I've tweeted them informing them, waiting fir response.

    Any help is appreciated.

  3. Totally agree I got it for the frills and thrills of the VR experience but I'm thinking in the next couple weeks imma be like Mr. B. B. King singing "the thrill is gone" Lmbo

  4. So I got this and beat it, was waiting for it for a long time. I liked the controls a lot, like simply making the controllers mirror each other was a nice touch (example: reload: , square on right stick triangle on the other) They really gave it a lot of thought. Personally fell in love with the holstering. Example: if you carry two knives on your back but holster them in the “throw” positions, you can reach up, hold the trigger, flick forward and release the trigger to let it fly. It’s very satisfying. (Even when accidentally shattering your ceiling light.. 😅) Holsters could use a bigger sweet spot, but I found if you set it on waist and kinda reach a little behind you when holstering, you hit it more. And I could never get grenades down. The main problem here, in my opinion, is it needs more. More guns, more game modes. Because it’s true in hold out you just start moving in a circle with a horde behind you. Needs bigger areas and more people. Make it feel more like what killing floors about. It could be better 🙂 hope they improve

    Also, keep up the amazing work Frank! Smooches lol


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