105mm f/2.8 Micro (Macro) VR Review


Lens Review: 105mm f/2.8 Micro AF-S G ED N Nikkor

One of my favourite lenses for sure. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to toss it below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

And on a side note, the lens does “breathe” between f/2.8 to f/4 something depending on the focus distance. So it will be f/4ish at 1:1 even if you have it set on f/2.8. This is normal so if you find your macro changing it’s aperture when getting near 1:1 that is normal from what I know (could be wrong, if so let me know below).

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17 thoughts on “105mm f/2.8 Micro (Macro) VR Review”

  1. Beautiful pics, in the frog picture the shallow depth of field is obscuring the beauty of most of the head, i would think you used flash? if so couldn't you go down on smaller aperture to get more depth? this lens can give you plenty of room beyond f22 and flash will solve the light issue at those apertures but you get more depth .
    On the beautiful portrait it seems it locked at the lower lip where the light and the pinkish lipstick had the most contrast, i could be wrong but the eye seemed less sharp than the mouth. I would think it should be resolved easily with choosing an aperture that gives you more depth!
    As far as landscape….I will leave it to other lenses, nifty fifty will do marvelous job alone!

  2. Tracking in my experience is used to follow a subject when it is moving so you have continuous focusing but that's good to know it worked for you there.

    Removing the lens hood may work, I find it only really helps to stop the hood from blocking the natural light on subjects when doing 1:1 work.

    It is a great lens for outdoors, that is for sure.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  3. What I also do when it hunts is to put the D700's 51 spot Auto Tracking on and focus very close and back off a bit, move to the sides so the Auto Tracking does the rest…
    That is setting a3 Dynamic AF area, switch it to the 3D tracking….

    Also, remove the lens hood as it needs the light from the side to do the best on focusing very close like the rings and tiny things…

    Works great outdoors for me…

  4. It will still hunt when you are shooting at it closest focal distance but all macro lenses do this. This one handles it very well but it still happens which is when you usually always use manual focus when working at 1:1.

    It is a stellar lens.

    That is true, it is heavy but I wouldn't say too heavy but heavy enough it inspires confidence.

    I am happy to hear it helps your style.

    Thanks for the extra info!

  5. If the lens hunts you should just do an adjustment to Infinity to 5meter for focus and it will not hunt…
    I use this lens the past two years and cannot see anything negative on this lens…

    For those who complain it is bit heavy, hey peeps, there is GLASS and METAL inside and not plastic and scrap metals….

    This lens is amazing in all it does for my style !!!

  6. Yup, the lens is really a f/2.8-4 but it has to do that to be true 1:1. Yes it is a little annoying at first however once you use it you get used to it and start to like it. The DOF at f/2.8 at its minimum focal distance would be too small to work with (I shot at f/4 at 1:1 and it the area of sharpness was only the size of a dragonflies head). So annoying yes, but useful. The VR is noticeable but I wouldn't say super loud. Doesn't sound like you should return it. Hope that helps!

  7. hi i just bought my 105 lens i was excited when i got it! but one thing i couldnt understand about this lens is when the my photography subject is closer the apparture jumps up from 2.8 to 3.5 or 4 although its on manual !!! and there is a really annoying sound when i turn on my VR …!! that's how things should be or should i return it !!!

  8. That is not true in my experience. My 105mm's Vibration Reduction works perfectly well on my D90. If you want I can make a quick video showing that since you can hear the VR mechanism turning on and off with you half press the shutter button.

  9. It is not a problem at all. I have had some people help me and give me advice as I got started so I feel I should do the same and try to help others. I think it would help you if you learned your camera and lens first then added to that. So good luck with the indoor macro shots. Thanks, that means a lot and I really loved my Flower Series as well. I had models to shoot and free flowers from a flourist so I decided to put them together. Thanks again and good luck with your photography.

  10. Thanks a lot for your kind wishes and advice – I'm sure you're right about learning the camera properly before adding more gear. The reason I was thinking about the speedlights was so that I could experiment with table-top macro through the winter but I can use table lamps in the meantime for different effects. Your website is so impressive and really inspiring! Love them all and especially your flower and petal work with different models – breathtakingly beautiful shots. Thanks again, Jane

  11. Oh wow, that is a large upgrade. Well I wish you the best with learning the D600 and if I can help out let me know. You might want to learn the camera and lens first before you start getting more gear. I find I only get more gear once I know all the limitations of my current gear so that I can get the right gear to help. I wish you the best and I hope you enjoy my website!

  12. Many thanks for your reply! Well I upgraded from a Sony A100 and an old Cosina macro, so I am going to see a huge difference if my photography is up to the task. I think my next purchase is going to be a Nikon R1 Wireless Close-up Speedlight System, it's either that or a couple of larger speedlights. (My main interest is insects and larger wildlife, plus some table-top experiments). I'll check out your websites now, didn't have time earlier, Thanks again, Jane

  13. Thank you for your kind comment. That is an amazing camera which I am probably getting soon and cannot wait. What did you upgrade from? Thank you, it takes a lot of patiences and very still hands to get some of those. I am sure you will and with the D600 I am sure they will be even better than mine!

    Thanks again and good luck with that combo, I am sure that is a great pairing!

  14. Thanks for this great review 🙂 I have now bought a Nikon D600 with this lens and sure i will love it when I understand how to use the camera!! (It's a big step-up and learning curve for me) I love your photos and am particularly impressed at your macro hand-held shots, would love to get some as good as those in future!


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