Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Prototype Review – Ian's VR Corner


Ian Higton’s played with some pretty imaginative peripherals during his time searching for the ultimate ways to immerse yourself in VR, but Cybershoes for Oculus Quest are some of the most interesting yet! The Cybershoes Oculus Quest edition allows you to use the power of your own feet to control your VR characters and in this week’s VR Corner, Ian has stepped up and taken the Cybershoes and the Cyquest receiver for a test-drive. Will Ian find shoeing zombies in Arizona Sunshine Quest gameplay to be a walk in the park or does this new peripheral need to step up? Find out in this Cybershoes Quest review as Ian gives you his first impressions of this brand new gadget!

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38 thoughts on “Cybershoes for Oculus Quest Prototype Review – Ian's VR Corner”

  1. I suppose for the roller on the shoes they could use a ball instead of a cylinder for omnidirectional movement. Of course it's more complicated than that, but an idea. 😎🍻😎

  2. Games like these are awful when sitting down. It just kills any and all immersion, at least that's the case for me. Even if you have very limited space to work with, I still find it better to just stand and move with the controllers.

  3. They missed a trick here. Optical tracking would have enabled strafing & diagonal movement & wouldn't get all clogged up with fibres & other stuff like the mechanical roller. Also, that little cable should have a passthrough plug on one end so you can charge without having to unplug it. Other than that, something like this is bound to be part of the efull VR kit by default in the future.

  4. My first thought … "this is stupid…"

    My final thought is pretty much the same. (also, they could easily have allowed strafing with trackballs instead of rollers) – hardly a mental stretch. And in the end .. they created a 90s era rubber-ball-mouse in sandal shape.


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