Hinge: First 23 Minutes of New Gorgeously Spooky Horror VR Game!


Hinge is a gorgeous, spooky new horror game that releases its first episode tomorrow! Read more here: https://uploadvr.com/hinge-vr-impressions/

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19 thoughts on “Hinge: First 23 Minutes of New Gorgeously Spooky Horror VR Game!”

  1. well, what can I say that isn't already in the comments?
    1.a lack of a sound track is disappointing, I assume you wanted the horror to stand on sound effects alone, sorry to say this isn't it chief
    2. the Jesse McrCree voice is out of place like a rattlesnake in your trowsers cowpoke, and the actor occasionally slips out of it.
    3. the fps is atrocious, fix this pronto or it doesn't matter what game you make it won't sell.
    4. the failures at 6:33 should tell you to increase the hitbox on the cigarette/pen, or at least add a soft highlight to let you know what you're about to grab.
    5. have you never smoked a cigarette, because this is what someone who thinks "weed is as bad as cocaine" thinks a cigarette does to you, and the exhale effect needs to be toned down pronto. instead of a screen encompassing fog, why not a 30 degree cone then a hazy shutter to black, like he passed out?

  2. I don't care how good it looks if it runs like ass on powerful systems.

    I'm tired of VR devs making optimization a low priority when it's one of the most important aspects of development for VR. It doesn't matter how immersive your game's mechanics or environments are if the game is plagued by reprojection and frame drops.

  3. the only thing spooky about this is the fact that real life human beings thought pushing a game with 5FPS in 2020 was a good idea. Clearly these people must be aliens or some sort of eldritch abomination that wont get motion sickness from such obvious performance issues.
    The environments do look nice tho, hopefully they're able to work out the fps issue.

  4. I saw it was coming to Viveport Infinity one week after launch so I assumed it was just another throwaway game, but the environments look fun to explore.

    Giving the benefit of the doubt for now that the FPS was pre-release/recording/hardware problems.

  5. Also, other than fps, first problem I'm noticing with the game is the lack of any music or ambience at all for that matter. Ambient tracks are extremely important for horror games so that's a little bit of a let down


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