Humble FALL VR Bundle | Why it WAS Worth It! | First Impressions Gameplay and Reviews


Now this is what I call one hell of a deal and its for charity! Buy it here and get it soon:

Now I am not schilling for Humble Bundle at all, but damn, have I been a fan of their platform for years. So in this video I am gonna play each game and give my first impression or outright review some of them, cause I own some of these games already on PSVR. Also compare from what I remember to the PC VR Steam versions.

This is being played through Virtual Desktop on a Quest 2 with an external battery. Wireless PCVR never felt so free.

Games included in the bundle
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0:00 – Intro
0:39 – A-Tech Cybernetic
36:25 – Archangel: Hellfire – Fully Loaded
58:19 – Killing Floor Incursion
1:12:40 – Raw Data
1:26:57 – I Expect You To Die
1:43:14 – Creed: Rise to Glory™
1:54:20 – The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
2:15:35 – Zero Caliber VR
2:28:30 – Back to Saints and Sinners
2:44:45 – Final Thoughts

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5 thoughts on “Humble FALL VR Bundle | Why it WAS Worth It! | First Impressions Gameplay and Reviews”

  1. I bought the bundle and can not get any of the games to work on my PC.. or through the virtual desktop. Creed comes up but ask to press a button to configure and nothing happens the others dont even load.. what am I doing wrong.. I'm new to the Oculus Quest VR.. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong

  2. just bought this bundle, I refunded saints and sinners on quest a week ago cus I didnt feel like it was worth 40$. But fuck it, 17$ for saints and sinners and creed

  3. Regardless of what I say in the video, Humble Bundle has been going for 10 years strong, and Im dumb for not remembering since I actually bought one of their earlier bundles back in 2012. Nothing but love for this company.


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