Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy's Edge VR Review!


We review the just-released VR game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, the latest virtual reality experience from Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB. Here’s how this Oculus Quest-exclusive experience differs from the episodic storytelling of Vader Immortal, how it connects to the world of Batuu as seen at Disney’s theme parks, and what we hope to see from this series going forward.

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26 thoughts on “Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy's Edge VR Review!”


  2. I love vr but all games are so short i wish we had a game that makes me wanna come back an play more. But it das look good thanks for the info i myt pick it up later down the road

  3. Thanks Facebook! Because of your commitment and effort in the VR market now we have: 1) exclusives only for one headset. 2) developers that builds games for the Quest 2 and not for PCs, so more and more smartphone-like games. 3) the half collapse of the PC VR side of the market. 4) games that lasts for 45 minutes or 2 hours instead something more "standard". 4) a spooky link between vr and a social network. As an oculus Rift owner i have brought most of my games from the Oculus store. But after the Quest 2 release i am switching to Steam and turning away from the VR market. I'll wait some good sale of the Index and the Reverb 2. But, again, thank you Facebook!

  4. For anyone wondering about the length of the game, playing on easy more than halves it. Play on normal or hard. I 100%'d it the other day and I've clocked in at almost 6 hours, with around 5 or 6 deaths.

  5. I would like to see a Star Wars storm trooper training game, only an hour or 2 so perfect for vr, but could also be longer for a console/pc game, where you would be started as a young adault or teen who decides to enlist as a first order storm trooper. The first large portion of the game would be you in a training facility and train as a trooper by playing “mini game like activities” and create friendships which would later become your squad. Or maybe make it multiplayer where u and a friend would go through the training “mini games” and be fighting for a squad leader position based on ur performance. At the end of training you could even have an awesome vr storm trooper suit up where u put on every armor and clothing piece yourself ending finally with the helmet, then a short almond knighting ceremony where u can choose your soldier ID that would act as a gamer tag. Then the mid game would be fighting battlefront style with all the classic weapons and gadgets to secure or wipe out resistance forts/camps, then maybe a short section of space flight and battle where one player could do the shooting, and the other player do the piloting, or if playing single player the 1 player does all (the battles would be the bulk of the game). Then for the finally, get pinched in battle by Luke lea and Han, have your team get wiped out. And you escaped and flee back to the Death Star where you meet darth Vader and he punishes you for your failure which fills your character with rage and then suddenly you realize how the empire is terrible and you get flash backs of previous missions but with a different point of view and see all the homes, land, and families you have destroyed. This then makes you flee from the empire and join the rebels, and sets up for a great game sequel, the sequel could also be that after being punished by Vader, he discharges you for being a coward and you join bounty hunters because of your battle experience, which would also be a great game where you could freeze targets in carbonate and have to track them down and pay planet dwellers for info or use intimidation to get it. Or the sequel could be after punished by Vader, and being filled with rage continue your job as a storm trooper and do more epic things, missions or quests to impress and prove to Vader that you are no coward and deserve promotion. Or maybe an immortal twins game, or a game where you play as an alien on the planet of ur choice, and you run a bar and have to keep up with orders and encounter all the things that happen like fights, people coming for information, gambling, bounty hunters and all the other fun stuff we have seen happen in the Star Wars bar atmosphere throughout the years, maybe even have missions where you collect items to make ur food and drinks, but I’m getting off track. So yea I have a lot of ideas for games like that and all my sequels/other games too, I’m full of ideas and creative things so Star Wars hit me up, I’d love to do this with y’all, or even write them as comics, books, or movies/shows, so if someone from Lucas film, Star Wars, or even Disney and Marvel sees this, please reply and let’s start talking, or people reading tag those people lol, anyways just hit me up, got a lot to share. (P.S. please don’t rip off my comment here and not give me credit, that would make me sad) thanks for reading y’all, and may the force be with you!

  6. Quest store : again a laughably overpriced entry labeled as a vr "experience". Vr will have no chance with overpriced demos like this but it will take a lot of time till the greedy developers get it. People only buy because they are desperate to play real games. The only game thats worth the price and is actually a game is Saint and Sinners. Everything elese oozes overpriced indie or ripoff demos. Abysmal

  7. Nope. I'm an OT Star Wars fan. I can abide the Prequels. Disney Star Wars has been utterly disappointing. Mandalorian is ok. But i don't want to game in the Disney Star Wars universe.

    Now a game in the Expanded Universe…that would be legendary.

  8. Man I'm getting sick of these 2 hour demos they call games in VR still. They need to move past this tech demo nonsense for VR and start taking cues from games like Alyx and Asgard's Wrath. I'm not saying the games need to be 30+ hours long, but cmon 8+ hours isn't too much to ask for is it? I mean I don't even see how they gain anything from it, since most the work is implementing the mechanics of a game, not making content to reuse the mechanics on.


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