Is Dash Dash World the ULTIMATE Mario Kart in VR Experience?


Mario Kart in VR? Welcome to Lipnox VR and this is my Brutally honest review of Dash Dash World for the Oculus Quest!
*Press copy was provided at no cost

Game Releases October 8th, 2020 on The Oculus Quest with PCVR and PSVR versions coming later this year.
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Review done by Lipnox VR

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26 thoughts on “Is Dash Dash World the ULTIMATE Mario Kart in VR Experience?”

  1. Great game imo. Fun and chaotic. I find the stearing with the controller really really fun. Should have been options online to force everyone to play the same way. It is not a huge disadvantage to stear with the controler though. Online could use some adjustments aswell, but as you said, they are working on it. 8 people in same online match is a must to keep it interesting for everyone. Atm most people i find in random online matches has been 2-3 grouped people (witch might put you at a disadvantage if they are friends)

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  3. Seems like a great game the way that you describe it! How easy is the game to control with the Oculus Quest VR controls? Do you really feel part of the game in VR? Did you get dizzy from the game?

  4. Awesome shirt and hat and awesome review. I just heard about this game a couple days ago but can not wait to play it! As a big mario kart fan this game looks amazing and came out of no where.


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