Quest 2 Review – 8 Reasons Why It's the Best PC VR Headset (Yes, PC VR)


Quest 2 brings the best of PC VR and wireless portable VR gaming into one platform. Let’s uncover 8 reasons why it’s the best we’ve got.

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38 thoughts on “Quest 2 Review – 8 Reasons Why It's the Best PC VR Headset (Yes, PC VR)”

  1. "Not having to redraw boundries"

    See there's a weird reason for that.

    It saves multiple guardians, for me I always use it in the same place but different lighting conditions make it have three different guardians. One for "Day" one for "Night" that understands it's location from the overhead light and "Night Lite" where it uses dim light around the room to track.

    The Rift S only had one guardian it would remember so when different lighting conditions made you redraw, then the lighting condition you originally drew stopped existing.

  2. When you say something stick to it and dont suck up to index and more expensive headsets owners. The new update blew my mind and has a better resolution of the valvle index but with less fov so any index users live with the fact that a 300$ headset is better. For data freaks if u have nothing to hide just login to facebook ffs no body cares about your bloody data.

  3. It’s a good value but you should mention the 1st and 3rd IPD settings are broken. If you only use the 2nd (middle setting) it’s fine. But if you have narrow or wide eyes you can see the sides of the screen, which makes it not look like VR. It has 18 degrees less FOV than the original Oculus Quest so it feels like a downgraded experience if you’ve had the original.

  4. Great video. Could I get by getting this instead of a pricey oled tv. Like being able to recline and watch, take this anywhere, watch YouTube on it, Prime video, and Netflix, plus gaming. I’ve never had a vr headset but thought it might be a nice solution instead of buying a fancy tv. I might might 3 or so movies a week and the rest would be YouTube watching. Could I get by with this? Thanks!!

  5. man after my psvr experience I just can't get over how shitty it is, I mean vr is a great thing but 480p and very low refresh rate never again. I want to save money to valve index or whatever best comes up until I save up money, damn also this quest 2 has some amazing features it will suck to miss them but I sure as hell won't go for low quality image for my vr choice next time just hoping an even better alternative to come and no one should buy low quality vr like me it sucks.

  6. just take in mind if you play desktop wirelessly then it may not have the best battery life especially running more demanding games also if it is demanding i suggest just plugging the thing in i mean come on

  7. for price sure its amazing but valve index will forever be the best if we take price out of it then its the top top dog and it will be till the next valve vr comes out i imagine

  8. had one in basket all day while I thought about it and watched video's. You one's were the final straw :P.. ordered and on the way, Pretty excited about it.. Played Original vive at a friends a few years ago and loved it and sounds like this is better 🙂

  9. Great video, you have resumed quite well the pros of this amazing vr headset!!
    But what about the cons?
    I purchased the Quest 2 last week, and I also come from using the Rift S, and although the image is sharper I notice much more glare or "Godrays" than in the Rift S.
    Anyone else with the same problem?

  10. There's a lot of compromises. Inside out tracking in itself is a compromise, but one for ease of use over tracking quality as well as lowering cost. The screen is a quality compromise, but one that significantly lowers the price. Likewise the 3 option IPD adjustment is a cost compromise, although they claim it also provides ease of use for people that don't bother to understand what IPD is and how it works. The strap is a cost compromise, which is why they have the optional upgrades. Then there's the audio, which may be improved, but it's still sounds cheap (also easily upgradeable). The materials are a compromise, there are of course lighter, stronger and more visually appealing options if cost isn't a factor. Bang for buck though, they've done a fantastic job, and if they hadn't prioritised value they wouldn't be broadening the uptake of VR.

  11. Why would u wanna have any other headset?
    Well, Quest 2 is not available in my country…Buying from Amazon US, Importing & shipping it here with taxes along with elite strap is gonna cost me 850$ !

    That's why I went with the HP Reverb G2 for 700$ that's natively launching here and it just blows the Quest 2 out in terms of visuals , blacks , sound , comfort , latency and no FB requirements 🙃


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