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Hey everyone!

Too much time in between videos? Ugh, yeah, I agree. So I have an announcement coming in the next week (hopefully just a few days) that addresses the future for this channel. It will be a bit bittersweet… but will allow me to put more attention to the channel and focus on you guys. Unfortunately just been trying to juggle way too many different things, so I think this decision will be for the best.

Anyway! Thank you for watching this review over Proximat. This product really is amazing and I’m really glad I was able to work with them to make this. Never reviewed anything before, so I hope this was a decent start. Also, just want to point out, I was not paid by Proximat to make this. They did send me the product, but that was essentially it. These opinions are as unbiased as I could possibly make them.

Appreciate you guys taking a look, check out their website, and keep an eye out for that next video coming soon (promise it won’t be in 3 weeks)!

I’ll see you in the Arena!
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  1. "Hello, all. This is an announcement regarding the future of Wireless Jacks.
    As many of you know, Lemonqt left the team a few weeks ago. He respectfully stepped away from the team to focus more on IRL things.
    At the end of VRML Season 2, VENOM decided he would not be competing in Season 3 so he could apply more focus to his schoolwork as well as his growing YouTube channel.
    Giligin will not be competing in Season 3, either. He intends to become a caster and looks forward to having more time to dedicate to the more organizational side of VRML.
    Blitz1230 will be competing in Season 3, though at this time is unsure of who his future teammates will be.
    WiLL-i_Am has also taken this opportunity to step away from the competitive side of Echo Arena, but looks forward to cheering on Blitz.

    These decisions have not been made lightly, and they weren't easy. We all still love each other, and we love all of the support our families, friends, and fans have given us over the last year. Being a member of Wireless Jacks has been one of the greatest joys of my life. We will continue to play some occasional scrims, and who knows what will happen for Season 4 and beyond, but for Season 3, we're sitting out.
    Thank you, all of you, for cheering us on. ❤️". RIP WIRELESS JACKS


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