Should You Buy Solaris OffWorld Combat on Oculus Quest? NEW VR Shooter Review + All Skins + Graphics


Today I’m checking out the Oculus Quest’s latest game Solaris OffWorld Combat! A Scifi futuristic space FPS VR shooter! I’m going to be sharing exclusive gameplay, my first impressions of the game and a review, helping you decide if you should buy Solaris OffWorld Combat on the Oculus Quest?

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Thanks to First Contact Entertainment for sending me this game to take a look at in todays video.



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21 thoughts on “Should You Buy Solaris OffWorld Combat on Oculus Quest? NEW VR Shooter Review + All Skins + Graphics”

  1. He didn't show it but every time I have ever played this game since I got it (about a month ago) when you are waiting for the game to "initialize" it says FAILED then it sends you into a lobby to wait (there was literally only one time that I was able to get into a game within a few minutes of waiting). Other than that It's a great game! I did not experience the falling thing though yet.

  2. I don’t want to be the Debby downer but this game really just isn’t all that great and I’ve read some reviews and the devs seem to be oblivious and try to say that all the decisions are justified because it’s a “arcade style” shooter the fact you don’t have two hands in VR is just lazy and yet again they just say it’s a arcade style shooter and go play something else, I’m sorry if I’m being to demanding but when I buy a VR game I think I have the right to two hands

  3. If you like having fun, don't get it anymore. matchmaking is garbage and there's no ranking system so you're playing against a full team of people whove been playing since it came out.
    aiming is janky.

  4. The game feels like it's still in beta and it's biggest competitor HyperDash VR is in alpha/free while being more polished with much more content. Hopefully the developers catch this game up.


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