Nikon Z 70-200mm F/2.8 VR S Review: This Is Impressive!


#nikonz70200 #nikon #nikonz7 #It’s a little late, but we can finally put it out. A telephoto is arguably a lens every photography should have in their arsenal, and here’s Nikon with their answer in the form of the 70-200 F/2.8 VR S for the Z-Mount on their mirrorless cameras.

To cut to the chase, this is perhaps the best 70-200 you can get for the Z-Mount, period.

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Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Producer/Camera – Kai Hong
Video Editor – Jay Huang

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33 thoughts on “Nikon Z 70-200mm F/2.8 VR S Review: This Is Impressive!”

  1. I love the Z format. I have the Z50, Z6, and Z7. Love! I have been grabbling the Z lenses and love ‘em. Just bought this lens and waiting for it to get here. Looking forward to to taking it to the Great Sand Dunes next week.

  2. Half of the internet points to this review for 70-200 Sline but I just cant watch with the lens hood on backwards 🤦‍♂️. Thankfully I can listen to your smooth voice! Come on man just dont bother with it or turn it around!

  3. Nice, easy to follow review. Overall good to see Nikon continuing their trend of the last several years in raising their game. Whether you trade up to the E in DSLR or switch to mirrorless you really can't go wrong on their 70-200 lenses. Between the S lens for Z system mirrorless and the E lens for F-mount DSLR, it looks like Nikon has the two best-in-class lenses in this segment, clearly better not only than earlier Nikkor products but also stuff from anyone else. Difference is I think this S lens trades a bit of the E's bokeh for the really exceptional sharpness and the closer focusing. But the E is already astonishingly sharp. Makes for a slightly harder-edged "look" for the S.

  4. Great video, you are truly smooth to listen to and straight to the point.. Great job on those videos. However, with all do respect, and in my humble opinion, Absolutely this lens is no where near the GM 70-200 f2.8 from Sony. With editing and bit of effects yes, you can get pics to be as sharp as the Sony. But out of the gate, i would say Sony still ahead by an obvious Mile or so.. It could be because of the superiority of the Sony Camera , especially that I use the a7RiV … Yes, it is one hell of a lens that Nikon produced, and definitely a big step forward, but when you truly put the two to the test early morning or late afternoon , with low lighting, Sony beats any out there on the market easily..

  5. Don’t bother with the ‘battery grip’ just get a Small Rig Z6/7 L bracket – get extra pinky space and quick portrait orientation on a tripod – my Z7 has it pretty much permanently attached.

  6. So Far for me
    The responsiveness; the weight compared to my VR 2; the Inate sharpness! It balances very well on my Z6. The bokeh is like 3D man the colors are sensational. Also theAF is quicker as well I don’t know the % but it is noticeably quicker than with FTZ Adapter on my VR2 A monster Winner from Nikon

  7. Why do you use the lens with the lens hood reversed?. It might look cool, but it totally defeats the purpose of the lens hood to control unwanted light reflections coming into the lens. Why ? FYI, I am an award-winning pro shooter of over 40+ years in the business and I use my lens hoods properly as they do help the image quality by helping control flare and or ghosting in sunny back light or side light situations. Folks follow your example and you should be doing it correctly IMHO.

  8. Placed the order back in April and I am anxiously awaiting the notice it has shipped. Why? it opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Throw in the 1.4 and 2.0 teleconverters and your ability to capture the world grows significantly. Maybe a trip to Singapore is in order, the Sentosa Zoo was awesome last time I was there. And the skyline has changed as well.

  9. This lens is on my purchasing list but unfortunately it is not going to be soon as I am saving and need time to get to that amount. I currently have Z 85mm f1.8 and I love it for portraits, for photographing my kids. I wish (even though it is technically difficult, if not impossible, and also very expensive), I get a lens like 20-200 f 2.8 or larger aperture. It would be a one lens to rule them all and a killer lens for all the other lenses.


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