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  1. I absolutely love my Elite. Takes some time to find your mix between sweet spot and comfort, but once you've done it, it plays soooo well and clear, however couldn't help but notice you said you can't use the trackpads like joysticks when in fact you can. That's exactly how you use them. I come from an avid controller background and this experience with trackpads is very comparable to joysticks if you aren't opposed to just learning and getting used to something that might feel "different" at first. It's very sensitive and useful, although I'd prefer the Valve Knuckle controllers just for the features.

  2. VR gaming is bound to pick up so Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are going to have some competition for gamers with this new experience. It is a good thing I think because it will push people to want to make VR and AR type games and not just traditional games were you just play on your TV with a regular game console. Also it could revolutionize how we use online and social media networks in the coming years in terms of user interaction and yes even how we use apps from our phone.

  3. Hi I loved your review on the cosmos elite! I wanted to ask if the vive face cushions can be attached to the cosmos elite? I get sweaty when playing on vr and I wanted to be able to replace them when needed.

  4. I've had the Elite for a fortnight now and overall I'd say it's been great. Once setup it's been a fantastic experience.
    Only two issue's though, for one, HTC don't tell you that the camera's on the faceplate don't do anything with the Elite. They do not have any pass-through, so you must flip up the headset to see outside. The other is that motion compensation with the included controllers doesn't seem to be supported, which is irritating as the slightest tremor in your hands is very apparent with this bit of kit.
    I really hope that HTC fix these issue's in future software updates, which would put the icing on the cake and help justify the hefty price tag over the Cosmos just a bit.
    Otherwise I agree with some of the other commentators here, the removal of the lens distance adjustment can make it difficult to get that sweet-spot, especially if you can't get your IPD right on the money. The headphone booms are flimsy and prone to flicking themselves away from your head at times and the cables for them seem extremely delicate, which is an odd design choice considering you end up adjusting them every time you put the HMD on. Would it have killed HTC to have fitted some proper Dolby 7.1 surround speakers instead of stereo headphones?
    The display unit itself does seem to get rather warm, I think it could have used an internal fan in there to help those screens keep reasonably cool over extended use.
    It's a very good bit of kit, but it seems a little unfinished in both the hardware and software departments, so it's a good choice if you can't wait two months on a list for a Valve Index to become available again.

  5. Wow. Totally different experience here. I tried the Cosmos Elite and found it to be incredibly uncomfortable. I could make it more comfortable by adjusting it's position but in so doing would lose the sweet spot. I also found the decision to remove the lens distance adjustment pretty baffling. I had to literally reach up and push the headset against my face to get a clear picture. Otherwise it didn't look any better than my Rift S.
    I returned it to Amazon. Can't say I remember ever being more disappointed in a product. And I have a pretty average head, for the U.S. anyway. My IPD is also 63.5 so if it's not working for me then I expect a lot of others to also have less than satisfactory experiences.
    Glad I stayed on the waiting list for the Index but am now wondering if I shouldn't just wait for the next gen vr headsets. Well, the Cosmos Elite turned me off of HTC so I won't be considering their solutions again. In my opinion it's a terrible piece of engineering, crippling it's own screen technology with these baffling design decisions. It's like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing over there. 🙁

  6. You should really check out the HP Reverb. I've owned HTC, Samsung, and Oculus sets… and the Reverb is one of, if not, the best headsets for visual immersion. 2160×2160 PER EYE. The sweet spot is ever so slightly smaller than the HTC, but that doesn't impact my gameplay. It's also light and comfortable like the original Oculus Rift.

  7. What's the most advanced VR game for graphical insane details to get rid of best VR sets and best immersive gameplay? No, Alyx is not nice graphically… I'm asking for something WOW…. Who knows something great beside hardware requirements? Also anything about cosmos Vs index with 5k+ Vs 8k XR which is the best for crispest and best clarity and detailed visual with best details and colours? Beside price, what's the best, the king of the kings?

  8. Cosmos Elite is the best headset.. Especially if you've got money and not a poor loser like most index owners!

    Cosmos Elite + Index Controllers + Wireless + = Win

    Just use the index controllers with the Elite… done and sorted


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