Is TrackIR Better Than VR For Sim Racing? – TrackIR 5 Review


We take a look at all the pro’s and con’s of the TrackIR 5, and compare it to VR.

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30 thoughts on “Is TrackIR Better Than VR For Sim Racing? – TrackIR 5 Review”

  1. Vr just isnt quite there yet, though it's still fun. In dcs I use track ir for learning and vr for fun. With Track IR I can have a manual out or watching a tutorial video while flying. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to sit down and play without having to where the headset.

  2. I've owned a trackIR for years, have a VR headset, and can offer one piece of information:
    The baseball hat clip works just fine, its the only one i had for years, the real place the trackclip pro shines is in extreme head movements, like looking straight down or straight back. The normal trackclip, which works fine 90% of the time, can sometimes have one of the sensors obscured or in shadow which causes a momentary loss of head tracking, usually at a critical moment. The "pro" mostly erases this.

    While i'm head over heels for the VR one month in, the trackIR is a good backup for games that maybe dont support VR, or games where your computer might not quite run VR resolutions and framerates well enough. For $170 or so, its a solid buy. Curious why there is no trackIR6 or even basically any used trackIRs for sale. I had a trackIR3 that worked perfectly fine. you'd think you could pick one up on ebay for $20, but they seem to disappear into a black hole once sold.

  3. Check out Smooth Track if you don't want to spend a ton to find you don't like it. $10 app that uses your phone camera to track head movement….no wires anywhere and nothing to wear on your head.

  4. I have track ir for about 8 years i think. I am very satisfied with space/flight/car simulations and i cant play them without it anymore. Other games (dayZ, Arma, etc,….) i use it from time to time….

  5. Track Clip fits onto a baseball cap no probs and works just as well as the track Clip Pro in ALL lighting conditions but has the added advantage of not having a cable running from your head to your USB so idea when using with a wireless headset and you need to get up.

  6. For me the resolution and graphical tradeoff for vr is too much. I've found myself recently going back to Trackir & cranking the graphics back up to maximum… Specifically when racing.
    Dcs on the other hand I cannot get on with Trackir anymore & exclusively use VR.

  7. Hy. New fan and subscriber here 🙂  

    First, I really love your channel…I found it because I'm looking to build my own PC (for the first time ever.) 
    Second, sorry for the long comment. I really hope you can/will read it, as it means the world to me.

    I was hoping you could help me whit a few problems I have after 1 month of resource, I still don’t really know what to go for regarding parts.  
    And whit all your knowledge about this, I REALLY REALLY hope you can help a new fan and new subscriber out 🙂  
    (Most PC YouTubers don’t even answer if they are big, so I pray that you do).

    SO…This PC will mainly be used to run my racing new sim rig, I have 3 BenQ EX3203R monitors (a triple setup) that I will use, and I also want to play VR whit this PC.
    I also want to have the possibility of setting up a simple stream or record (live) to YouTube/FB. 

    Whit these requirements, and also the option to upgrade later: 

    What Graphics card should I get for this setup to run perfectly? 
    I found a really good deal on a GeForce GTX Titan XP, 12 GB, GDDR5X, 384 bit, 7680 x 4320 Pixels, PCI Express x16 3.0 
    (This is second hand from a reliable seller, as new for only 366-. Euros. I see Amazon now sells them for 890-. Euros)
    Is this a good card/deal for a setup like this? Or should I choose a different GPU? 
    What would you do if this was your setup? (Just your quick opinion would mean the world to me.)

    Could you PLEASE PLEASE give me some tips on what parts I should choose that makes this setup run smoothly?
    (For a plug and play gamer…Ie: What is overclocking, lol) 
    You will save me soo much hassle, and give me great peace of mind. I really hope you have time to answer me. 

    GPU?  Would you go for the Titan XP deal, or pick a different one? 
    CPU to match my GPU?  
    CASE? Can you recommend a good case or 2? (The one in this video is not available here in Spain)
    (Should I go midt or full tower for this setup? It will stay on a table, RGB is cool but performance is whats matter the most) Of course with good airflow, easy to set up, and future proof parts preferred.


    This is my main questions, If you do have a minute extra: 

    SSD: What's the best/fastest/price-friendly 500Tb-1Tb for this? 
    What kind of RAM (32gb) is best? (2x16Gb or 4x8Gb, is there a difference?
    Cooling-Fans or the new AIO system and which?
    Price is open but was hoping to get a  great PC for under a $2000-$2500

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    As I said….After a month of research, and watching all your videos, I still don’t know what parts to buy today, the 12th of June 2020. 

    (PS, I know a lot of new stuff is coming out now/soon, would you wait for any of that for this setup, or should I just buy what’s on the market right now?)

    Kind regards Kenneth

  8. Thanks for the informative review, I think i'll be splashing out on one of those. Will it work with space games like Elite Dangerous? it could be handy in dogfights etc. I find VR makes me too hot after a while and the detail isn't high enough on my oculuc rift, i can't read marker boards etc (although i love the sense of scale), I'd want twice as much detail which i doubt any pc could handle yet making the cost of any future pc prohibitive.

  9. Hi Yorkie, I've just bought a TrackIR 5 + ClipPro this week because of this video and tried for the 1st time yesterday. It was… a disaster. I just couldn't drive with it, too incredibly unstable, I just couldn't turn the wheel and my head without losing my orientation completely. I wonder if that's a configuration problem or if it takes a long time to get used to the camera moving. Did you had a great experience right from the start or you had to invest getting used to it and tweaking the configs? Would you mind sharing your configuration (deadzones, axis, etc) ? Thanks!

  10. The point about VR isn't that you can just look around, it's that the image is 3D as in real life – each eye sees a different perspective. This is why, once they've experienced "being in the car" (VR), so many people actually refuse to drive with monitors again.


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