Oculus Quest VR Headset Review: An Amazing Device With One Giant Flaw


The quest for the Oculus Quest is over!

Here’s my review for the Oculus Quest.
An amazineg little device with a big flaw… but It can still change VR forever.

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34 thoughts on “Oculus Quest VR Headset Review: An Amazing Device With One Giant Flaw”

  1. All weight in the front? Counterbalance with a battery pack.
    Bad audio? The straps are flexible, so headphones fit right on there. (I would suggest wireless headphones)
    Not enough games? Oculus Link would help out.
    Anything you throw at us, we can fix it!

  2. VR has come a long way from basically slide shows on your eyes, the… *shudders *, Virtual Boy, the Rift DK1, phone VR (the worst), The first consumer PCVR, to the majestic Quest

  3. Honestly, I couldn’t notice the audio when I first got the quest. But as soon as I put in some earbuds my whole perception has changed. Now I can’t play beat saber, Lies Beneath, or pistol whip without earbuds and for some games like Pavlov or other high movement/multiplayer games I just don’t bother. But I wish it just sounded better. PS: I also don’t like the feeling of the over-ear headphones pushing down on the strap, it gives me a headache.

  4. For me the biggest flaw is that it's uncomfortable as fuck. I literally can't play for more than 30m without getting pains on my forehead whereareas the cv1 is a lot more comfortable and lets me play for hours and hours

  5. i dont think that the audio is soo bad it lacks bass i agree but it is good i was impressed how good it is 😉 maybe with a future sound tweaking update it is getting better. but it is good for casual vr session i would say but for moonraider or beat saber you need over ears.

  6. Incredible review my dude. I was incredibly surprised with the Robo Recall port for the Quest, like, I almost COULD NOT tell the difference between the PC port and the Quest port, which is AMAZING. However I felt like you may have oversighted something which I think a lot of people should know, while the Quest has a higher resolution than the Rift S and same resolution as the Valve Index and the HTC Vive Pro, you need to remember that most games will need to lower the resolution so it can run almost perfectly on the Quest, so most of the times you will never actually be using all of that resolution. Overall it's great for people who have never used VR but maybe not as good for people that already have a full blown PC and VR headset.


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