VR HumanEyes Vuze – Real World Review


Watch in 4K 360 3D for best results.I take my Humaneyes Vuze camera with me on a trip to Chicago. I gather real world footage and provide my initial impressions of the camera.

1) As expected, a firmware update was released about a week after I made this video.
2) I rendered out the file at twice the default vertical resolution. I used this file to edit in Adobe Premiere. I was pleased with the quality after exporting to Premiere’s highest VR settings and viewing the file directly on the Samsung Gear VR. I would say the quality on YouTube is about 30% less sharp. So, the camera performs better than you see here.


8 thoughts on “VR HumanEyes Vuze – Real World Review”

  1. Is there a chance you could do a 2nd Vuze review, no that the firmware updates are in place? Also, have you gotten a gimbal for it? If, so con you take it of the stationary tripod and walk about with it? BTW as of around Xmas week of 2017 some cameras store have dropped the $799 to $718 or $699. I wonder if they're feeling a little competition from the other recent 360 camera releases.

  2. I've tried watching these vuze 360 recorded 3D videos through my gear VR headset and they are so blurry its pretty much unwatchable. So bad its difficult to make out whats going on! Am I the only one who thinks this? I was intending on purchasing one but having seen the quality I wont be now.

  3. Hey there, thanks for the video. Can you tell me how you add the video clips onto your footage? I've been working with the over/under 3D files and can't add text/video to both perspectives accurately. Is there a way to do this in premiere which I haven't sen yet? Thanks

  4. Vuze VR Studio software just got updated to support rendering at 120 mbps providing a higher quality rendered video (and larger file size). Did you use that? Also, running the rendered video file looks really good in 3D 360 on the Oculus and HTC Vive because of the higher resolution display (compared to your cell phone). It feels like you're there.


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