Batman: Arkham VR Review (PlayStation VR)


20 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham VR Review (PlayStation VR)”

  1. No one in their right mind expected this to be an action game. VR hasn't come that far yet in the consumer market. This game is targeted at people who loved the problem solving, puzzles, and detective work from the main game. Which I did. So, this seems like a pretty cool buy and they aren't charging full price. Once I get PSVR, I'm definitely picking this up.

  2. Just played this through today,can honestly say it's not only the best vr experience /game so far but one of the best game experiences I've ever had! Graphically it's the best I've seen yet on psvr and I've experienced absolutely no technical issues at all! The sense of immersion is incredible and being Batman is awesome! It's a shame it's not very long.would love to see them release similar type episodes in the future and explore his world dome more,because this is amazing!


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