Origin Chronos VR Review: Tear-Down & Thermal Analysis


An exhaustive look at the Origin PC Chronos VR system, including complete thermal analysis (with interesting data even for folks who don’t buy pre-builts!), noise testing, FPS, etc. Read the full review here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/2514-origin-chronos-vr-pc-review-and-benchmarks

System product page: http://www.originpc.com/?aid=2707

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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25 thoughts on “Origin Chronos VR Review: Tear-Down & Thermal Analysis”

  1. Can you suggest a quiet pc that is can be used for VR, possibly gaming, and digital sculpting programs, Adobe art programs etc, maybe animation software? Something that is loaded enough to last a long time. Does not need to be entry level budget. Cheers

  2. Is there any case just like this that supports 3.5" HDD? I like the Silverstone RVZ01 but it is taller than this. If there is none I can settle for the RVZ01.

  3. question.. i need quick answers before my wallet dies. been hearing issues with riser cards having significantly low fps in games. is there any solution to this? or am i just not up to date…

  4. I subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago because all the tech YouTubers that I've been watching for about a year now started going mainstream and now their videos aren't scientific at all and they don't go in-depth enough in their reviews anymore. I enjoy what I've been seeing here so far, keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks – interesting that the thermals aren't so great on a premium small form factor pc. It would be really interesting to compare the thermals here to the Falcon Northwest Tiki which I think is about the same price premium.

  6. Origin be like: let's build a tiny pc for the casual pc gamers they don't realise temps anyway. But really just put some decent fans in there and don't be lazy origin even if you're customer base doesn't know any better. This pc are build like a childs first computer build.

  7. Chronos VR edition? There is a VR game called Chronos on Oculus Home. What a confusing choice of name for the product. I thought I was getting a review of a game when I clicked this link!

  8. i've been subscribed to many tech reviewers, and as much as i continue to watch their content, I only discovered your channel a week ago, but your content it head and shoulders above many others. Your technical competence is exemplary. In the future i'm unlikely to make any tech purchases until i see this channels review. Thanks for your work.


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