DOF Reality H6 VR Flight Motion SIM Review


DOF Reality H6 Motion Simulator FLIGHT VR review
by Barefoot Gaming (BFG)
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Motion Simulator for Home and Business

This time we take to the skies (and space) to see how the DOF Reality H6 performs compared to our last review.

Strap in and get ready to take the highway to the danger zone!

DOF Reality Simulators are groundbreaking products taking racing and flight simulation to a new level. It’s time to experience it for yourself!

Computer Specs
Intel i7 8700k
GTX 1080ti
64 bit O/S Windows 10 Pro


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24 thoughts on “DOF Reality H6 VR Flight Motion SIM Review”

  1. 11 month old review…..still kicks the anuses out of all other reviews. YT algorithm wouldn't recognize quality to recommend if a virus came in with a wrench and shat on it in its multiple servers all at the same time

  2. With all respect to VR, for the home sim for real pilots the current popular set up is the Honeycomb yoke, and throttle quadrant. Large screen or three screen operation. The question is using XPlane 11 of Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, could these be set up on DOF reality?

  3. hello, just watched your racing video and this with this chair. i just picked up MS Flight Sim 2020 witch will they say they'll add vr support for, and i also have dirt rally 2.0 witch i can use vr with. i was wondering….do you leave the flight controls on while racing, or remove them? seems like it would be kind of a pain to remove and add them back on each time, especially if you end up wanting to jump from one to the other

  4. I totally want one! I have one concern though. Apparently the entire rig and pilot weight is a cantilevered load on the motor gear driveshafts. In the video it appears that the end of the shaft is moving/bending relative to the drive housing during fast motions.. If that is true, I would worry that the shaft would eventually fail. Would love to hear the impressions of anyone who has watched it live. Do those shafts look like they can take the load? This would not be an issue on the 3 axis version because the weight is supported on the seat frame pivot.


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