L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files | PSVR Review Discussion


L.A Noire: The VR Case files come THIS CLOSE (I’m showing you my thumb and pointer finger really close to each other) to being an amazing AAA experience, but a few irritating stumbles keep it from greatness.

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32 thoughts on “L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files | PSVR Review Discussion”

  1. One thing I enjoyed with GTA with fooling around driving and running over pedestrians. Is this a thing in this game? And if so, is there any punishment for doing so? Oh, and great review.

  2. Special Note about LA Noire VR cases. If you purchase the original Remastered videogame digitally, there is a special link to the VR cases on the main menu. VR cases will be substantially discounted 67% for the price of $9.89. I can't confirm if a discount is reversible in any way-like if you only own VR cases and later decide to buy the original game. I purchaced the Remastered game during a sale some weeks ago for $19.99 keep in mind the retail digitally is $39.99. So basically I only paid $29.97 for both. Which I guess is fair for the amount of content. Love the channel.

  3. Another game I was really looking enjoying, and yet I’ve not been back to it since launch, I honestly don’t know what’s wrong at the moment, but nothing seems to be pulling me to keep playing

  4. Just a heads up you can pickup the guns just not always, there is the shootout at the start, one at the factory, one at the house, that one in that multi storey building, and the ending. So technically 5 but only 3 of them with any real length.

  5. This was an awesome video. There were two things I wasn't totally into but was totally sold on in this video. Jeremy and L.A. Noire Case Files
    Keep up the great work guys! Also the plea for Rockstar to do more VR especially GTA V, i couldn't agree more.

  6. Thanks Rockstar for making this, it's a great fit for VR. Before I start the video, I'll put in my two cents on needed fixes.
    1. Fix the controls. At least add strafing and the ability to turn off the accelerated turning or whatever it's called.
    2. Not a huge deal but the stair movement is painfully slow.
    3. Add the option to turn off my partners CONSTANTLY berating me to "get a move on!" Super annoying.
    4. Give us more to do in the city like adding more of the missions.
    5. Fix the mission breaking bug in "Reefer Madness." It can be avoided but not if you don't know it's coming.

  7. Don't think you guys ever played with 3D Vision on the PC. 3D Stereo on your gaming display. This is one of those titles that kicked ass in 3D Vision. The WHOLE game in 3rd person 3D. I'll visit this one in VR. Too bad they didn't convert the whole game. I'm guessing the accounting department took out the XL spreadsheet and said "this is how much it'll cost until we're completely under water". Then the decision makers said "you have this much time (this much money) with this amount of people. Let's figure out what we can get done". They would gain knowledge that way for future games as well as revive a dead game that was sitting dusty on the shelf. Purely speculation but seems like it would be a good move for many internal reasons.
    Thanks for the review. I was on the fence but will now check out this title in VR.

  8. Brian: "Worst. Introduction. Ever." Thanks for the updated review! I'm still on the fence but hopefully your video gets R*'s attention and they tune the game up a little. Can't wait for next gen PSVR.

  9. Definitely a 2. It needs to be played, but they dont deserve us to pay full price. Such a shame they couldn't just nail the movement, and maybe fill in some gaps of the story you missed with the omtted missions. Overall I'm enjoying it for sure. But fuck rockstar. Tax dodging twats. Lol

  10. I loved this game so much, minus the wonky turning and the slow down on steps. I need more of this world, there's so much potential. A solid patch could make it a 1 and it's set up perfectly for DLC. Thanks for covering it!

  11. I may still get this altho I NEVER even got close to finishing the original due to my PS3 causing the game to crash and do weird ish when starting a particular investigation. I eventually traded in the game, possibly to get a PS4. I may have bought the remaster, digitally, on PS4 but I'm not sure. I'm crazy backlogged and brain foggy as to what games I randomly purchase from PSN. Either way, I need to finish the original.


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