HOW I GOT FIT IN VR – Thrill of the fight review


This video is a review at its core, if your interested
Full guide on how to get fit in VR is up now:

For those who are interested in my Diet (its pretty trash):
– half a plate of rice and half a plate meat (dumplings, chicken, pork, shrimp etc fried or pan fried, i hate baked and boiled meat) for breakfast I have toast and eggs or Milo cereal.

– For drinks, i have Milo, milk, water, and coffee. I make sure to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, after that it’s fair game 😛


26 thoughts on “HOW I GOT FIT IN VR – Thrill of the fight review”

  1. Want to get in shape real quick?
    Wake up 15 minutes earlier and play thrill of the fight for 10-15 minutes before your morning shower.
    It is fun and takes no time at all. And you will really feel it!
    It has also drastically improved my mood throughout the day! 🙂

    I was already in a decent shape after jogging for 3-4 times a week and thought that this game would be nothing………..
    Man was i wrong! Only 10-15 minutes of "going hard" in this game each morning will do the trick for any "normally" trained person.

    Ps if you are on the fence on getting this game, or a vr headset i say go for it!
    It has made my life SO MUCH BETTER!

    I live in a 30 m/2 apartment with my fiancee and cant go out much because of corona.
    The cabin fever is hitting me hard. But ever since i got my headset that feeling is gone!
    I can go climbing! I can meet other people in games (Everybody has a mic because of their headset)
    I can go to the cinema, i can visit places i always wished to go. It is incredible!

    Also,,,, for some weird reason. And i dont know why, perhaps because i am more active. (Even if i dont exersice in thrill of the fight)
    I sleep so much better! I used to wake up 3-4 times every night. And that has not happened since i got the headset.

    I cannot say enough good things about my quest 2, it has its issues and privacy concerns (because you need to use your real facebook account, fake one get you banned/bricked).

  2. Putting in 2 hours a day into this. Always hated working out until I found this game. With really good motivational music I can go until I’m on the verge of passing out excited to see where I end up after a couple weeks

  3. I was thinking to myself, "thats no boxing stance, he knows Muy Thai!" And sure enough you are learning Muy Thai haha. This was a great video I have to check this game out, I box for fun with my century bob target but I bet this would help me start to move my head a bit more with my combos.

  4. Great review bro. I'm decently fit as I run 60 miles plus a month as well as do a ton of body weight exercises and this game turns me into a ball of sweet after one round. As you mentioned, if one was able to play over a hour they probably are already a pro or should consider becoming one. Cheers.

  5. This game is great. I think the physics are very great already. They definitely consulted real fighters. I can faint shots, and the AI backs off. Slipping and ducking does not need to be exaggerated. I've slipped punches sporadically off of reflex successfully quite a few times. You can even reach out your hand to their glove and keep them from punching. You can also cut an angle very realistically well in here, that is to completely maneuver to their sides and see that their wide open for shots haha. Pull backs have worked, slip counters, etc.

    It would be nice if the developer adds more to the punching dynamics, because I be beating the shit out of my guy and get no knock downs, that is until I decided to manipulate the damage multiplier. Also regarding the blocks, if the develop can add damage build up on the AI's arms that would be nice, because yes their blocks are impenetrable. Uppercuts are pretty useless, as in-fighting is pretty hard to execute due to the VR limitations. Also I would like it if the AI punches more often and apply more pressure. As it's pretty easy to beat them. Theres also an cheat, if you go into a south paw stance and just whip out your right/lead jab (in flicker jab fashion) to the liver, which is one of the weak spots, you can land a good halting shot and when AI blocks it you just jab to the head and when they block that, to the body and repeat.. These stops them in their tracks. They might eventually close in but it's easy to just then evade or you will have catch your breath by then.


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