ITS VR CRAZY – Rec Room Review – Episode 2


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10 thoughts on “ITS VR CRAZY – Rec Room Review – Episode 2”

  1. Also thanks for noticing how you sink in the water! If you duck under you can see just another little patch of Kns under it. It’s something with the settings, I set the water as environmental so you could clip through it, and made the plot under it physical so you can’t fall through.

  2. Thanks for checking out my map homie! Yeah the doors are gonna be a mix of parkour and dungeons(if they add mobs). Also the boats are rideable but a bit glitchy. I wanted to add much more but I hit the ink limit sadly. Hope you enjoyed it though! I also disable sprinting because I wanted to encourage riding the boats instead of running. And that mannequin… it wouldn’t let me delete it so I kinda just threw it somewhere lol


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