VR Reviews: Harry Potter- Mystery Wand Blind Box #1


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3 thoughts on “VR Reviews: Harry Potter- Mystery Wand Blind Box #1”

  1. It's worth the 13 dollars. Don't listen to any negative comments. I'm a huge Harry Potter geek. Especially fantastic beasts. I bought most of my wands from the NOBLE COLLECTION but because there so pricey i found a site you can download and install onto your smartphone. It's called wish.com. they sell just about everything. Especially wands. There real cheap. All you need is to set up a e-mail account and your in. Wish has endless items to buy. Especially Harry Potter. And fantastic beasts. To purchase something you need a credit card number and it's done. Then wish helps you keep track of your package and also it will take alittle while to get to you cause it's coming from China. 1, 2, or 3 weeks the most to get to your residence. Once it gets to you, the mail man needs to scan it to let wish know that the package arrived there safely. So even if you don't purchase anything just browse and decide for your self. Remember wish.com okay my friend. Thanks for sharing and I hope my information helps you in the near future. Your pal, Ana…💋💋💋


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