Pimax 4K Review – Budget VR


2020: This video is now OLD! The Pimax 4K doesn’t have controllers, and thus renders it incompatible with most of today’s experiences. It was a cool way to experience ‘VR’ back in early 2017, but the controllers and much more expansive list of supported games now make controller support an essential. So check out my WMR Lenovo review here: https://youtu.be/-NBMdcUTC2M
Thanks to Gearbest ( http://www.gearbest.com?lkid=10348812 ) for providing the Pimax 4K in exchange for an honest review.
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The Pimax 4K can access the same games and applications as the more expensive Oculus and Vive, but at a fraction of the price. It’s likely inferior to the other headsets in most ways but does have a few strengths of its own. I believe the headset is passable at most things but does excel at some, like when viewing movies and for playing games at a higher forced resolution than the others can manage. Unfortunately there are no hand controllers or movement sensors for it yet. Not a problem with the headset, but something you should know if you’re looking to experience VR with it. Instead, you can have a basic experience with the mouse / keyboard or from a Playstation /Steam controller.

0:00 – Intro
1:14 – Unboxing and the Headset (+ audio quality)
3:09 – Setting it up with your PC
4:14 – What you should know before I review it
4:54 – Visual quality strength: the resolution)
7:20 – Visual quality weakness: 60 Hz
7:46 – Deus Ex VR: The Vomit Room Experience
8:52 – Visual quality weakness: Ghosting
9:30 – Other things noticed
11:02 – Controls and features – what’s here and what’s missing?
12:42 – The best game I’ve played on it so far
13:44 – SteamVR
14:04 – PiPlay and its ‘experiences’
14:48 – Kodi video player
16:02 – Conclusion
17:52 – Future of VR

In all honesty, I see the Pimax 4K as being a very viable budget VR headset and don’t understand why people would directly compare it to products twice its cost. You wouldn’t criticise a Radeon 480 for not being as fast as a Geforce 1080, especially if they still both run the same games. The way I see it, the Pimax 4K majorly lowers the price-point required to experience VR but does urgently need its own controllers and base stations. Right now, with VR being in its infancy, I think the Pimax is very viable option if you want to try VR out but don’t want to spend so much on what’s essentially first-gen hardware.

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20 thoughts on “Pimax 4K Review – Budget VR”

  1. This video is outdated and I no longer recommend this headset for VR. Back then, VR was in its early days and I felt this device gave you a feel for it, but these days most VR experiences require controller support, which the Pimax 4K does not have (No controllers will work with this headset, ever). For a cheap VR experience in 2020 I recommend a WMR headset instead as these will give you an all-in-one experience, including controllers.

  2. I ordered a 5k Plus last march, still havent got nothing.
    Pimax customers services is complet crap, they barely speak english.
    I gave them loss notification from both carrier, they just don t care and I can t do shit about it.
    I just have lost 1300$.
    I strongly advice avoiding their products.
    If anyone have the same issue, plz contact me.

  3. For anyone watching this in the future year of 2020-2021, please do not discount VR if you get sick using joystick aiming. Phillip mentions this, the Deus Ex demo used joystick aiming and got sick from it. This is extremely common, and people who have zero issues for hours on end using "head" aiming by physically moving their head will get sick from joystick aiming within minutes.

  4. I bricked my pi max a couple of years ago lol but kept it all as the screen was a 4k sharp 5.5" LCD, the optics were good quality, and the body was well-built. Tossed out that shitty mother board and waited for the Sony Xperia X5 premium to get cheap. Well got one yesterday for 150 Canadian dollars. Had to run Minimal ADB and Fastboot on it to set the NATIVE resolution to 3840 x 2160 at 820 ppi which is Bananas. It comes from factory stuck in 1080p with 4k kicking in only for the gallery and YouTube (sometimes). So that was quick 10 mins no rooting. Then I bought the iVRy app for 10 bucks, ran the Steam app on my PC, and after finding good USB cables made it run in REAL 4K. The PiMax was a lie it was never going to run at 4K, as the HDMI would not allow it and the main board was complete garbage. I cooked it trying to make it work… But this looks INCREDIBLE! Even with the terrible tracking it looks better than the many I've tried. I first tried with a GEAR VR headset but the optics were not adequate, so I dug up the Pi crap. I have a Lenovo Mirrage Solo I got new the other day for 90 bucks, and I might steal its onboard tracking. It works quite well, so I might find another solution. My rift is trashed from 100's of hours of use, and getting pitched from my racing wheel all the time, because I'd forget and hang it there. Might dissect that old guy. Now I have an extra 4k 5.5, so I got one of these cheap PRC projectors which just use a super bright LED some simple optics and an LCD with the back lighting removed. With a driver board (80 bucks) and a bit of delicate work I will make my 150 dollar 720p projector into a true 4K projector, sharper than the lower end 1500 dollar Optoma's available. Search 4k diy projector on the tube to see what I'm going on about. Anyway, if you got a Pi Max or a Xperia Premium or both, there is a couple ways to get your money's worth. I'll stick a link to a short video here soon…


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