Playstation VR Review (Guest: Mark Ellis)


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  1. Buy yourself a google cardboard on amazon and then download the app called sisters. It's an interactive horror game/ movie with multiple outcomes. I was a beta tester so I don't know if they'll make you pay for the different outcomes. It just requires a smartphone so that should make it highly accessible to anyone that already has one.

  2. As underpowered and just generally lower quality as the PSVR is compared to the Vive and the Oculus, I think it really REALLY is the price that makes the difference.
    Because while the Vive might absolutely blow away the PSVR, that's of little use when most people can't afford a $1600 VR gaming rig.
    PSVR and the PS4K(PS4 Pro) really brings the whole thing down into the reach of the run-of-the-mill gamer, and makes it accessible to a mass market.

    While the best games and experiences will undoubtedly always be on some version of the Vive (or perhaps the Oculus, if they catch up to Vive) that's running on a high-powered PC, it may very well be the PSVR that provides the VR gaming market with the backbone of an audience that is large enough to sustain it.

    Without the PSVR, VR gaming may very well turn into an elite niche product that never has a customer base large enough to get it off the ground.


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