PlayStation VR Review: The Future of Play | PS4 | Virtual Reality


PlayStation VR is almost upon us – but is it worth the price of entry? In this review, we outline everything you need to know about Sony’s headset. Is it comfortable? Are the games any good? How do you set it up? Watch on for the full lowdown on PS4’s virtual reality device.

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Disclaimer: Sony supplied us with a PlayStation VR unit for review.

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50 thoughts on “PlayStation VR Review: The Future of Play | PS4 | Virtual Reality”

  1. After getting itup and running, and playing for about a week, buying 3 games for it, I have 3 problems with it…. first, far as I know, its not wireless. I didnt read the instructions on it, but having wires connected to your head gets to be a pain if youre playing something where you have to turn a lot in the same direction.
    Second are the games, and thats the main point. Most are good by themselves, but the problem is the games are shorter on it due to how much data VR needs for the visuals. If your average game takes 8 hours to finish, dont be surprised VR games take 3 hours. Even if its the same title.
    Third, almost anything on youtube VR sucks balls. I get its still brand new and theres time to expand, but so far, after sampling maybe a hundred videos, I only found 3 decent ones.
    Is it worth the buy? Yes, I think so. But the biggest problem is you'll want more, and more, and more but the games only go so far. I think the vr games should be on the main server instead of a disk so they can be much larger, such as the failure No Mans Sky. It was only 7 gigs but thats because it was all played on a server. Vr games should do the same so youre not spending 60 bucks for 3 hours amd done

  2. It's not that bad in every aspect he touches on. For what it is and does, it's not bad at all. The immersion is what sells it, being inside the game. It's freakin cool as hell.

  3. Apparently, the PSvr is akin to – and I quote (amazon verified purchase) …'lowering yourself into a 3ds game, inside a rubber diving bell with an air leak, while an invisible octopus tries to mate with your arms and neck". …..Nuff said!

  4. Uh oh. That ain't good. Sony is going the way of the Virtual Boy. Well who knows? Maybe it will be good but considering the last time a gaming company attempted this yeah. Don't have my hopes up.

  5. I was fortunate enough to get a psvr for Christmas, and after a day of playing I can say it's worth the price tag. It's so immersive and isn't something you can really explain without experiencing it yourself. The worst thing about it is the fact that if you get an itch on the front of your head there's no way to scratch it. Go out and buy it people.


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