Best VR games to play in 2019


Fancy wielding some digital rhythm swords or a deadly escape room? Get ready for the best virtual reality games to play in 2019

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Beat Saber

1. Beat Saber
2. No Man’s Sky Beyond
3. Pistol Whip
4. Vader Immortal
5. Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted
6. Falcon Age
7. Audica
8. Arizona Sunshine
9. A Fisherman’s Tale
10. I Expect You To Die

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20 thoughts on “Best VR games to play in 2019”

  1. I have bought 8 games from the epic game store. 100% of them didn't work right suffering bugs not found on other platforms. Because of this, I don't buy games on their store anymore. Therefore, falcon age doesn't exist to me on pc.

  2. 1. Astro bot
    2. Asgard’s wrath
    3. Boneworks
    4. Walking dead saints and sinners
    5. blood and truth
    6. lone echo
    7. beat saber
    8. Superhot Vr
    9. stormland
    10. resident evil 7

    Conclusion: this video isn’t really that great 😀


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