Playing Every "New and Trending" VR Game – Episode 2


It’s time to try every “New and Trending” VR Game again! Let’s see if these games are worthy of sitting atop the charts on Steam VR…

-Video Chapters-
00:00 Intro
00:41 Under Lock
03:29 VR Hiroshima 1945
05:00 The Purge Man
08:52 Great Exploration VR: New Colony Beyond Viking Raiders
13:15 VR Japan
16:25 Elise’s Peepshow
20:47 VR Wonderland 2: Adventures In A Fruit Boat
23:05 VR World War 2 Battlefield Experience
26:17 VR Luxury Life (Be A Billionaire)
29:51 Chandrayaan VR
30:21 VR Wonderland: Mini Civilizations In A Forest
31:38 Aquila Bird Flight Simulator
33:44 Percussive VR

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12 thoughts on “Playing Every "New and Trending" VR Game – Episode 2”

  1. It’s obvious. William from Oxford is too good, his productivity is beyond human and his level of game design is too difficult for us simple folk to understand. He’s not trying to rip off people he’s just too good… that’s what it is. 😉😅😂

  2. always glad to see a new video from you guys! great as ever, haha! if you ever need someone to play multiplayer vr games with hit me up. I have an index and spare time. keep up the great work!

  3. I adore your content but just want to say this in case it matters at all.
    I really strongly dislike the Premiere function. It is so thoroughly annoying.

    If it helps your metrics more power to you, I'll deal with it and you've always deserved more views than you get. But seeing a video in my feed that i can't actually play just clogs it up. If everyone i followed used this feature I'd have to start putting releases in a calendar to make sense of them or something.

    Again if it drastically improves your metrics, ignore this. Your growth is more important than the way i feel about this.. But.. Yeah.
    There you go.


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