Is This The New VRChat? – ChilloutVR, Highly Promising New VR Social App!


Today we will be taking a look at a brand new social VR app called ChilloutVR. Yesterday this app got released for everyone onto SteamVR. It is a PCVR only app (for now) but our mission today is to find out what it’s all about, how well it works, what the community is like, and whether it is a worthy replacement for VRChat as our main VR Social App.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 The Call
2:48 ChilloutVR
16:38 Conclusion
17:38 Meme Review
19:54 Outro

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38 thoughts on “Is This The New VRChat? – ChilloutVR, Highly Promising New VR Social App!”

  1. Thanks for thanking us for creating this,

    as you have mentioned there are quite some inconveniences with the UI, we know about them.
    We also have quite some other things that are about to improve.
    If you want to pass us your opinion with further detail, you are very welcome to mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    However, thank you for talking about us and we are glad that you enjoyed our platform.

  2. All the issues VR chat has that this does not, yet. Give it time. Toxic users as well as human made glitches will happen soon enough. You underestimate the human need and capacity to violate and damage all they touch, mostly when a mass of people get involved. Has none learned human behavior from Minecraft online? And other such online games?

  3. "Community is less toxic."

    Wait over some months and come back. Because in my online gaming experience, there will always some toxic people in every game. ChilloutVR will have them too soon or later.
    It's only VRChat has roughly 40,000 people registered and ChilloutVR has just less than 100 online while VRChat has more than 10,000 online, ofc much less toxic people today but also more empty worlds. So yeah, it needs a lot time to gain many people.
    But in meanwhile, VRChat has also getting new features and first time mailbox.

  4. the only thing I can see rivalling VR Chat needs three main things.
    1. Ditch the VR in the title, it just confuses people so that people on desktop dont join as much. You need a good amount of players on PC with the VR players in order to make the social app seem active.
    2. Similar if not better avatar support. Especially when it comes to PC avatars being able to interact with other players.
    3. On quest. No question, it needs to be on quest if its going to be anywhere near the level VR Chat.
    edit – looking into it, the avatar support is almost identical so its got #2. Obviously now it cant have #1, but it could score #3 in the future. So I imagine it could end up being a hit. Who knows though?

  5. Wow I love how fast it loads up. And it loads up the next world without leaving the current one so you're not stuck in the uncomfortable void like you are with VR Chat.
    Unfortunately while controller support is flawless in Desktop Mode in VR Mode you can't use the controller to select objects or menu buttons which means you can't really do anything 🙁

  6. it's actually really fun but to be honest there basically the same with notable differences so ill say this it comes down to a decision if you play vrchat go for it but maybe at the end of the day you wanna play chillout VR it all comes down to what you wanna play and I haven't enjoyed it more or less than VR chat

  7. I'm angry
    im giving you a sub and you can't do anything about it!!
    haha what will you do now
    you know what I'm in a horrible mood


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