I WALK IN VR! – Kat VR Loco S Review – Better Than An Omnidirectional Treadmill?


The Kat VR Loco S allows you to walk in VR…by walking on the spot in real life! How well does it work? Could this be a cheaper alternative to omnidirectional treadmills? Let’s find out!

Kat VR Loco S: https://www.kat-vr.com/products/kat-loco-s

This video is NOT sponsored. Kat VR provided me with the Loco S review unit, the above link is not an affiliate link.

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25 thoughts on “I WALK IN VR! – Kat VR Loco S Review – Better Than An Omnidirectional Treadmill?”

  1. Would you, Sebastian, prefer these over the "arm swinging" type of locomotion?
    And do you think these are better than CyberShoes?
    When running (in place), does the headset wobble up and down, making the experience less immersive and less comfortable?

  2. It's quite amusing that this is basically a Wii solution for locomotion in VR. Early enthusiasts of this wave of VR with the Oculus Kits were using a Wii Balance Board for locomotion and it worked quite well, main problem being the height of the balance board. So it's funny to see that it took all these years for someone to revisit this type of solution when it was already implemented so long ago.

  3. **WARNING** DO NOT DROP YOUR KAT VR LOCO SENSORS. I dropped mine from waist height onto a bare concrete floor. The sensor light went out and never functioned again. Support will replace the sensor, however, if you can avoid this, please do. This happened twice, I reported the first one to Kat VR support. It happened again, and I decided to just live with the second one. I recommend that you play on carpet, or something. The Kat VR Loco Sensor should have a rubberized cover.

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve hesitated to buy these sensors because they have be used with Steam. I like the Quest that makes everything so simple. Do you happen to have Population One? I’m very interested to see how the Kat VR Loco S works in that game. Thanks.

  5. can't really imagine why this cant be done only through software with htc vive trackers. Personally just waiting for the much smaller trackers from tundra labs for full body tracking.

  6. If you want to improve your experience with Kat Loco –
    1) configure in game moving, where HMD looking (not controller)
    2) choose direction source HMD-Body in Kat gateway
    3) Activate "Independent head and body orientation" in Kat gateway.
    (you may need use global configuration mode in kat gateway, not turbo, for this with some games)

    With this, you'll have possibility to move yor head freely, look anywhere and move in the same time, in the direction of body sensor (which is looking in the same direction as your body) – all like in real life. And, of course, act with your hands absolutely freely.


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