Ludicrous Speed VR Review & Gameplay – Now Free To Play on Steam


Ludicrous Speed is an endless runner where you have the option to swing your arms to propel yourself forward, lean left & right to avoid obstacles, duck & jump to avoid obstacles & collect coins at breakneck speeds. You’re basically Sonic The Hedgehog in real life. Free Game download here:

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2 thoughts on “Ludicrous Speed VR Review & Gameplay – Now Free To Play on Steam”

  1. My arms hurt just watching this!
    (as always, thanks for the video).
    There is an app that has just come out on the Steam Store (and Quest, via Sidequest) that I think you may like – as I know that you like the quirky music stuff. You may know of it, but I will pretend that you do not – it's called SynthVR, and as the name suggests, it is a synth in VR.
    I have no experience of synths, and no idea what I am doing at all, yet for some reason, I have done nothing else in VR this week – it just keeps pulling me back. For me (at this stage) it is the best puzzle game in VR (that is how I see it!). Just connecting the wires to get a sound out of it is as challenging as any puzzle game I have played. There is a big learning curve, but also a lot of support (Discord, Youtube etc). The easy route is to just download a synth someone else has made and play around with that. It's the most fun I have had in VR in a long time . But, very niche, and not easy to get into at first. I'm not sponsored to say this (not even in 'the club'), just think that it may be your sort of thing too.


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