Hitman 3 VR Graphics Comparison: PSVR vs PS4!


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34 thoughts on “Hitman 3 VR Graphics Comparison: PSVR vs PS4!”

  1. Would definitely be nice to see the PS5 edition receive a native VR version whenever the next gen PS VR releases. Cos the idea itself is pretty amazing. Played the game on PS5 today (though you have to play the PS4 version to access the vr which is a pain in itself and involves having to install like 120gb) and the only real problems I found were things like the extreme crowd and object pop in, bluriness in some areas, the silent rope assassinations not working very well and, though more of a me issue than the game, a bit of nausea.

  2. There were some minor glitches while I was playing

    Sometimes dresses or hair would go crazy

    Sometimes the inside of people’s jackets could be seen through

    Sometimes hitmans clothes would double, causing them to clip in with one another (only happened once tho)

    People would appear in front of me or disappear depending on the render distance

    And sometimes women have men’s voices XD but I find that funny as hell so I like it

    But overall I really love this game! 9/10 for me!

  3. even with downgrade, it's probably the best looking game on psvr and one of the best looking games ever in VR

    but its real gift to VR gaming is bringing such a staggering amount of great gameplay with even some finesse VR interactions into the mix.

    VR needs more ports of games like this, like Dirt Rally 2 – current games rather than just great games from the past

  4. For me there is no other way to play than in VR!
    I have hardly been playing flat games for 3 years. It's a very good compromise between playability and graphics!
    It was an AWESOME achievement to bring Hitman to PSVR! I'm done! Today=To-buy! : ) Did you know anything on PS4 Pro version?


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