The moment our resident VR fan has been waiting for is finally here – Hitman 3 gameplay is now playable in VR, but exactly how good is Hitman VR gameplay? Find out in this special mid-week VR Corner episode as Ian talks you through the hits and the misses of Hitman PSVR gameplay. How does Hitman 3 VR gameplay look? There’s over 15 minutes of Hitman 3 VR gameplay in here to check out, including some nail biting shootouts and some tours of some incredible VR scenery. How do Hitman 3 motion controls work? Watch them in action as Ian performs a variety of assassinations in Hitman 3 VR PSVR gameplay!

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26 thoughts on “Hitman 3 VR Review – DOES HITMAN VR GAMEPLAY HIT THE MARK?”

  1. The yrouble with today is unless stuff is perfect ppl are never really happy they expect far too much things cant grow anymore
    Tgis game is amazing in vr and moaning is stopping ppl trying it in my opinion
    We want it to be better of coarse and only love for what we have can make that possible especially those wanting occulus versions etc
    Love tgings for what they are while being like this review and being respectful too

  2. I’ve beat about half of the levels in VR now and it’s so much harder that flat mode. The sense of scale is awesome and it’s one of the most content rich PSVR games. Definitely a must buy

  3. I can't get the fiber wire to work so I have to sneak up and choke them with my hands. Can't get through the training missions either so I am just going to see if I can just start playing the missions bypassing the training. Frustrating. The game looks good though. I will say that.

  4. It’s good, but the motion sickness kills it for me… I play vr since 2017 (playing climbing and parkour in vr since 2019) and this game makes me sick… I don’t think I’m the problem

  5. Hitrman VR is only for the crappy PSVR? Lol ok. Much like every other game company that sells out to Sony for a little extra in exclusivity, it's a hard pass from me, don't care if the game is incredible it's obvious what the devs care more about, money, not the players, just money, and I can't support that.

  6. If this was a stand alone vr game it's still better then anything I played, the fact it's free makes this very worth trying out it's much better if you wanted to just massacre the crowds I haven't tried going for silent assassin


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