VR Buying Guide 2021! Which Headset Should You Buy?


Here is the Definitive buyers guide to Virtual Reality. We are gonna through how to get in VR for the first time, what headset to look for, in the used and New market, what are the top 3 choices to make, and of course which one is my favorite! Let’s go through the pros and cons of the best VR headsets available on the market! So you can make an informed decision on which headset is right for you!

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Timestamps! It took ages 🙂
00:00 – Intro
01:16 – Explanation
02:27 – Sections
02:49 – CHEAPOS
08:13 – O.G.s
12:06 – PC VR
13:12 – VIVE
19:05 – Windows Mixed Reality
25:24 – VALVE
29:40 – PIMAX
34:07 – Oculus
37:25 – PSVR
40:52 – Standalone
45:47 – TOP 3
48:25 – Best?
49:35 – Conclusion


22 thoughts on “VR Buying Guide 2021! Which Headset Should You Buy?”

  1. I just ordered the oculus quest 2 with the link cable even tho I have a pc that runs vr very well. I would’ve gotten the rift but I heard the quest is just better and more comfortable.

  2. Sorry, but ur top three do not make sense at all. As soon as u have tried a pimax 5/8 with its amazing FOV everything else is nothing else then an extremely overprized joke. Yes, in some cases it takes a minite or 2 to fix config problems with different games. No doubt. But the result makes u laugh about every other VR headset with less then 150 degree FOV.

  3. Hey Tyriel, you made a small mistake.
    In 47:10 you said Valve Index uses outside-in tracking. Which is not true as the Lighthouse base stations don't have cameras but are laser beacons. There are no cameras involved at all. The distributed single pixel sensors that receive the lasers and calculate the poses are on the headset and controllers. So if you want to put it in either the outside-in or inside-out category, it better fits in inside-out.
    The only headset that ever had outside-in tracking (external cameras tracking the headset) was the original Oculus Rift. – As far as I know.
    If you want to understand how lighthouse tracking works, I would recommend you these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikv8o0u6w9o , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrsUMEbLtOs
    Summary: The base stations have a global laser flash and a timed horizontal and vertical thin line laser sweep. They do 'flash – sweep horizontal – flash – sweep vertical'. Each of the photossensors can determine its 3D line to a base station by measuring the time between the flash and when the sweep arrives at that sensor. They need to do this two times for both axis. Also there are some small codes transmitted so that the senors can tell the base stations apart. Everything is combined on the controller/headset side. The base stations are just sweeping lighthouses.


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