VR COVER FOR QUEST 2 REVIEW – More FOV & Less Light Leakage For Your Quest 2?


I really like the original Quest 2 face pad. Therefore I was wondering, is the VR Cover for Quest 2 really worth the $29 asking price? Will it really improve FOV and decrease light leakage? I have checked that out for you!

Get yours here: https://bit.ly/vrcover-quest2

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36 thoughts on “VR COVER FOR QUEST 2 REVIEW – More FOV & Less Light Leakage For Your Quest 2?”

  1. Be warned! company does not always send reciept of purchase. 11 days after I made the purchase I finally get an email giving me an invoice number.
    Edit: My mistake, email went to junk email. Have since recieved vr cover and it is as expected.

  2. Hey, for you what is the best way to obtain best fov. little or big cover in the vr cover ? second question, to make the experience ideal how advise to place it on the velcro. rather well centered or more towards the outside to gain fov?

  3. personally the light leakage never annoyed me as i would have to look down to see itand even then it was tiny, id prefer this to having my nose squeezed and interuptting my breathing which is what the clips do to me.

  4. I wear glasses and I just got VR cover. Personally it felt comfortable but it did not fit my glasses or my son's and they are not big glasses. It push the glasses right into our faces. Also everyone who tried it found it hotter. Gone back to the original.

  5. I have to use the thick one cause you can't use eyeglass spacer with vr cover. Im guessing the thicker one is for glasses. But very comfortable. Have you done a video on gunstocks yet?

  6. Thanks for the review.

    A free solution to light leakage: turn off your lights or turn them down. Done.

    But I prefer being able to see out the nose areas, it's like a guardian, just look down and see where in your room you're standing. Makes me feel safer in VR to avoid hitting the walls when swinging my arms.

    The FOV mod won't help anyone using the higher FOV setting of 68mm since we can see the edges already.

    And I agree, the leather on your face is going to be way, way worse for sweat than the default one. Not spending my money on this. The anti-fog gaps apparently don't do much either, according to other reviews I've read.

  7. Franken mod cover is already sold out rip! It is not hard to make these, they have to be availaible soon again right? How even something simple like that can be sold out from official store. Do they have only couple lying around…

  8. That's what I did got new vr cover for quest 2 then used amvr slim pad from quest one it's pu leather but has holes which is good. Came out so so good eyes almost touch lens but as close as possibly could be


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