4K VR Headset Alternative? – DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo Review


This is the DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo, the display caught my eyes as it’s a 4K display for around 500 euros. But is it a worthy VR headset alternative? Let’s find out.
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00:00 Intro
01:10 VR Headset Introduction
01:45 Design
02:35 Comfort
03:15 Display
04:43 Tracking
06:40 Content
07:12 Conclusion

– DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo: http://dpvr.net/e34k.html

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31 thoughts on “4K VR Headset Alternative? – DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo Review”

  1. Oculus Rift CV1 has a perfect balance. Tracking & Positioning is the most important part in VR.
    You will forget the SDE effect, while playing GTA 5VR.
    2025 will be the final year in the VR Conspiracy.
    PPi over 1000 per inch, the pixel placement, etc.
    We need 120 Refresh-rates more than anything.
    Lenses can be a lot better. WTH?
    Just google for Double Convex binocular lenses.

  2. I've pretty much tried or owned most VR headsets and I have to say Im fine now owning a Quest just the freedom and ease of it especially with a few quality of life changes like new head strap along with Oculas Link for the few games you may want a beefy PC for make it a totally perfect system to me

  3. Seems like a nice headset, but because, as far as i understand, they're new to this, flaws are expected no matter the severity of them. I do hope however they will release a v2 soon, and i also hope they'll take all reviews and suggestions into consideration.

  4. Appreciate the honest review. Comfort is nearly as important as anything else. If you can't stand to wear it then it doesn't matter how cool it might look or preform. Great as always Cas.

  5. High resolution is what brought my interest to this particular video ( besides you Cas ) if it was good like the Quest i would be interested but with all the other failings, especially not being able to turn around without losing tracking it quickly fell off my radar, thanks for the great and honest review Cas.

  6. Something is wrong about saying if you want a 4k display you cant get on without shelling out big bucks, and then tell us this device is $615 us dollars, completely ignoring the fact that tje reverb g2 is $599 and is likely much better than this. Also there the Pimax 4k which im sure you could get for $200 in a trashbin somewhere.

  7. Very interesting alternate, Cas – and as you say – the more VR choice we have, the better it is all round. On a side note, and please don't misunderstand me as I am NOT saying you usually have "bad hair" days. But I remember back when I had hair in my 20's (nearly bald now ; ) and I would wake up, and the hair just seemed to sit perfect(ly). So I don't know if it was what appears to be the very high quality of the camera you are using – but it's looks like you had one of those "perfect hair day's" today. (or you've changed your brand of hair-conditioner, hahahahaha ; )))

  8. I wonder if the tracking would become better if u placed the front base station a little higher than your head so that it could track u better even when u turn around, seeing that one of the ball-like sensors are placed on top of VR headset itself?

  9. Excellent and unbiased review! I had an Oculus Rift for 2 years but ended up selling it just before the pandemic. I tried an Oculus Quest at a local vr arcade a few times and liked it. I'll wait for your review on the Oculus Quest 2 before deciding between the DPVR headset and any others out there. And, yes, cost and comfort are very important to me. Many thanks to you, your team, and the DPVR E3 4K marketing folks for making this review possible.

  10. Wow. This is a sincere review! Your channel is the best right now for VR. I have a pimax 4k, the first pimax model, disgustingly useless. I haven't used it for years. I also bought the NoloVR system, which I still own today. I tried to GIVE this "package" for FREE but no one resisted for more than a week, always giving me back everything, because in addition to not working this devices takes up space. Nolo VR is light years behind any decent tracking. However, it doesn't even make sense to spend time writing more. Please, I ask this to everyone: if you want, buy a Rift S, a Quest, a Index, a Reverb 2. But not this kind of devices. This things keeps people away from VR.
    By the way, I can send my Pimax 4K and Nolo VR to someone that want to pay for the expedition. But I assure everyone that doesn't worth the money, neither for the mere expedition.

  11. What do you think about the DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo? And what are the most important components of a VR headset for you?

    It supports us if you watch the entire video as it helps the stats, but for those in lack of time, the timestamps are in the description! ♥


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