Stormland Review & VR Gameplay Overview!


This is our Stormland VR review. I’ll show you the core game mechanics without spoiling the main story, and I’ll give you my final thoughts on the game. As usual, the timestamps will be below.
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Stormland is a first-person action-adventure game. A shooter in a sci-fi setting. There’s a 5-hour main story that introduces you to the game that you can play alone or in two-player co-op. From there, it opens up a cycling world where each week, the world refreshes and gives you new things to discover. I think it’s a pretty cool concept, but I will explain all of this further in this video.

The game releases tomorrow on November 14th on the Oculus Rift store.

00:01 – Stormland VR: Info & introduction
00:56 – Stormland VR: ReVive compatibility?
01:10 – Stormland VR: Ways to travel
02:24 – Stormland VR: Maps & missions
03:23 – Stormland VR: Ways to combat
07:54 – Stormland VR: Mod station & workbench
10:16 – Stormland VR: Co-op multiplayer
10:50 – Stormland VR: What’s the Cycling World? (Endgame)
13:08 – Stormland VR: Final thoughts & recommendation

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41 thoughts on “Stormland Review & VR Gameplay Overview!”

  1. Hi Cas. Everybody talking about this game and Boneworks. I think I need to buy these too, and support VR developers:) By thy way, Oculus Rift?
    I wish to tell about some good stuff I am using myself and can produce on demand also for other people. Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but also Oculus Rift S and Vive Cosmos are uncomfortable, unfortunately. So I designed a remedy to this problem – With my head strap you get super comfort and no need to tighten the rear dial till your eyes pop out, forehead gets a red stamp and the lenses become foggy 🙂 It is also easier with narrow sweet spot of WMR goggles. Once you set up your strap, VR-goggles hang on your head at the same height all the time. I designed and produced this head strap out of frustration. I liked Odyssey+, but it was so uncomfortable to wear. Also whenever somebody asked me to show VR to him I had to turn the rear dial and deregulate it each and every time. Annoying thing to do. Now I have no problem with VR goggles, as now I wear these like a baseball cap. No need to tighten the rear dial anymore, plus super comfort. I do not make a big business on this, rather treat it as help to others. My mother is making these with her sewing machine in her spare time 🙂 btw you have a new subscriber. Not many women reviewing VR stuff 🙂

  2. Ok so uhhh, correction, you can reload ammo, health, and bio-energy with the workbench, not just by breaking guns. Also if you see her reaching over her shoulder that’s a back gun holster, you get it from something called an aeon bud. More on the tempist, they’re the bad guys, the robots she was fighting.

  3. great review! pretty much same thoughts. also encountered couple of bugs while playing co-op. hopefully the changing world will give something new to the players that will be worth repeating the cycle every week.

  4. I like this channel's reviews the most! It's easier to understand the important information, whereas the other reviews I watched were trying to be more poetic than informational, I think. :] It feels like watching a friend explain the game to me, which makes it so much easier to decide if I like it.

  5. Looks epic, the trailer is nicely done too. Nice review, always cool see you guyz getting immersed in the world of VR. Interesting about the unlocking of Co-Op and not making this available from the get go.

  6. 40USD is quite expensive for so little campaign content. It will depend on how the devs support and, um, develop the game over time. Look what happened to Anthem, on the one hand, or Warframe and NMS on the other. One to keep an eye on. Great overview, thanks 🙂

  7. Cas, you are the best. Easily my new favorite channel for everything VR. Stormland looks like the exact reason that I finally made the jump into VR. Can’t wait until it comes to Quest. Any info in that regard? Keep up the great work you two! Cheers 🙂

  8. I am greatly impressed by this game. It's on my list since I heard about it months ago and now it looks simply fantastic 😍 I'm gonna buy it definitely, more games like that, please! 🙏

  9. Great Initial Review Chary (and Cas) Nice to see you using the stealth mode where you remove the batteries. Looking forward to this dropping on the 14th November and yes fingers crossed the devs at revive Liber get a fix applied soon after release as they managed to do when Asgard's Wrath released last month. Looking forward to seeing you on the VR link at the weekend too. Artful x


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