TECHNO DANCING IN VR | Synth Riders VR Oculus Quest Review


Today on BMF I have a Synth Riders VR Oculus Quest review. Synth Riders VR is a dance/rhythm game that will get your body moving and your foot tapping.

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24 thoughts on “TECHNO DANCING IN VR | Synth Riders VR Oculus Quest Review”

  1. Hey @BMF You should really do a re-review of Synth Riders… It has had so many updates in the last year, improved graphics and Quest 2 support, a great multiplayer mode with modifiers, a great community, and 3 GREAT DLCs (especially Cyberpunk Essentials!)

  2. I was looking at this game and was worried it would feel top much like beat saber.

    How do you rate the game against beat Saber, and do you think it adds enough variety to the genre to be worth owning/playing along side it?

  3. LOVE this game! Hooked on it. It's different than beat saber, totally different mechanics (and better music). Both games have their place and this freaking game is totally awesome and fun. You won't regret getting it and some music packs.

  4. Not a hard cardio workout ? Get the f*** outta here.. Try a couple of complex tracks in the Force Mode and really hit the targets.. my floor is full of sweat xD

  5. The ground coming at you probably causes nausea for some more sensitive users, right? Generally if stuff comes towards you it's fine but when it looks like the player is moving that's where the motion sickness comes in.

  6. Picked this up today and after 3 rounds I refunded it. Just didn't find it special or fun at all and not worth the $17 to me.

    Am I the only one? It seems say many games get a somewhat positive review and I find them bla, Like this an Elven Assassin.

    I only picked up Beat Saber a few months ago because despite all the positive from everyone, I thought I'd find it mostly boring like I did Audio Shield. But I was wrong, I found Beat Saber FANTASTIC and addictive.Sticking to that and will give Pistol Whip a try when it's available.


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