Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 VR Review – Better than DJI Mavic Pro ?


10 thoughts on “Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 VR Review – Better than DJI Mavic Pro ?”

  1. OMG, how can you even dare to compare this to the DJI Mavic Pro dude????!!!!
    DJI will stay the king of drone industry no matter what…Other components are way far away from reaching this highly advanced level!!!

  2. Hi, I have just bought the Ghost 2, just completed the tap to go fly mode. But I can not see what I am recording while I'm flying the drone. Is there anyway of doing this as I need to check the footage as I am flying on my phone.

  3. Eh It would be better to compare it to the phantom 4 in terms of size. However if you really want to compare it to the mavic, I think the mavic is better. There is just about nothing in that size that can match how easy it is to fly the mavic, or any other drone from DJI for that matter. It got more sensors and better software and doesn't look nearly as plastic and cheap.
    This looks like a DJI phantom ripoff and a bad one at that. 
    However it was a nice review.


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