New VR Games March 2021 – The Climb 2 & Cosmodread!


Here’s your lineup of this month’s VR game releases, including: Z-Race, Stargaze, The Climb, Cosmodread and Warplanes: WW1 Fighters!

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19 thoughts on “New VR Games March 2021 – The Climb 2 & Cosmodread!”

  1. I see a lot of hype for the climb 2, but I'm honestly suuuuper excited for cosmodread. it looks like it's gonna be really tense, really fun, really interesting, and really exciting. kinda looks like something similar to scp:cb, but for VR, so I am suuuuper stoked.

  2. The Climb 2 has got to have a Rift version coming out. The first Climb game is a very different experience when comparing the Quest version with the Rift version.
    For Rift – the background scenery is rendered in real-time, which makes for an awe inspiring atmosphere that you can watch and enjoy while you climb in the game.
    For Quest – the background is a flat image. There is no background rendering, the scenery is all blurry. All there is to do is the climbing mechanics with none of the benefits of the scenery.
    I want to buy the Climb 2, but I have no interest in playing 'the Quest version'.

  3. PCVR is dead..

    Not a single big VR game since Medal of Honor VR, which wasn´t that good at all.
    Flight Simulator 2020 wasn´t that great, because of bad performance.

    So, the only good, big VR games that came 2020 were Half Life Alyx and Star Wars Squadrons. Both released several months or nearly a year ago.

    For 2021 not a single big PCVR game is announced. The Climb 2 could be at least something, but it´s Quest exclusive. Wonderful.

    RIP PCVR 2016 – 2020


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