Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR is Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!


It’s finally HERE! The Virtual Reality update for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is now available to download! In this video we are gonna flight together over New York City, with me as a guide, to discover together this amazing game!
The Game supports open XR, so you will be able to play it with the Oculus Quest 2 ( via Link), Rift S, Valve index and steam VR HMD and of course with windows Mixed Reality, Like the HP reverb G2!
Let’s get into it!

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48 thoughts on “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR is Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!”

  1. Can we stop admiring the map and image quality for a second. I have had flight sims from Microsoft since the beginning and this is the most Bug Ridden game I have ever encountered. It seems every update fixes one problem and creates ten. There is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You are at the mercy of well meaning volunteers who actually know nothing about the problems. I have put the game to one side and decided not to bother getting frustrated. A sixty euro lesson that i now pass onto you. Stay away from anything ASOBO and MICROSOFT…my advice SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  2. Hey bud! Great Video! I have the Valve Index and its dropping frames like crazy! Im rocking a 3090 and I7 …. what the deal? Even lowest settings still chugs. Frame rates are poop! I can't even fly its too choppy.

  3. One of the worst games I've ever tried to download or play. First the download is about 6 hrs and that's me and 3 of my friends. 2nd no backing out when going into general tab while flying. You need to completely shut game down. Graphics are amazing, but that's if you get that far. It takes about 15 minutes to go from one map to another when reflighting. Not my computer either, I'm running on an alienware Aurora 10 with 6 tb. My friends have better pcs same problem. So Microsoft set this up real well. No refund, your download is 8 secs from whatever platform. But when you go to play the game that's when it actually starts downloading. 6 hrs plus, but while its downloading Microsoft set you up cause its counting as playtime. Downloading in playtime? So if you request a refund. Your told youve played the game for 8 hrs cant be down. From what I see users posting looks amazing. But no one is speaking the truth about downloading and the time it takes to actually get into the game after download. So basically if you want to show your friends in vr. You need to set everything up 2 hrs prior and pray it doesn't error message or freeze. Overall I say no one should buy this game unless they post it for free. Which they never will cause as we know Microsoft are scumbags and never give back only take. Save your $65 and maybe try xplanes or dcs.

  4. Shit was a fucking nightmare with my Quest 2, black boxes, black sides of my screen, constant driver issues. Microsoft really needs to work on oculus support before they claim it's compatible, to call this experience horseshit is an understatement.

  5. Funny how we are all different. I wasn't impressed at all. Took me forever to install the game. The game take a long time to start. I have a Geforce RTX 3070 and I unplug all monitors leaving only Pimax 8k. The game couldn't find Oculus Quest 2 ( waiting for another quest pc cable to come in to try again ). On the Registry I directed Openxr to get to oculus_opnenxr_64json ( it didn't work ). It produces the error on the Open XR Developer Tool… "UNKOWN OPENXR RUNTIME ".On my system, with Pimax 8k It doesn't give a sense of depth. I reinstralled Net. Netframework 3.5. I must be doing something wrong.

  6. Before all the covid crap I got to travel a lot for work and vacation, and even went skydiving. Glad I got my air time in before they shut down life for us filthy humans.


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